Video: Daily Market Recap on $GIGA


Traders, remember the Jesse Livermore Quotes  “It is much easier to watch a few than many”.

Each day I focus on a small handful of active stocks and it works really well for me.

Today was a really solid day of trading. Finally! We got some clean price action on $GIGA. I bought $GIGA out of the gates long over 2.65 looking for the move to 3.00. I got the 20% move I was hoping for and scaled out into profit in the pop over 3.00 to 3.15.

High of day was 3.15 and I got my best sell at 3.11, 4 cents off the high. Great work to all the traders who hit this one today. It was a very clean pattern based on our simple gap and go strategy. Momentum is the name of the game especially in the mornings. Looking forward to so more clean gappers!