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Ross Cameron
phone: (802) 585-1740


Ross Cameron

Ross is a US equities trader with a focus on short term momentum bursts.  He obtained his Bachelors Degree in Architecture and began his career working in Manhattan at a design firm.  During that time he invested part-time, actively followed the stock market, and focused on refining his trading skills.

After 10 years of part-time trading Ross knew the key to success as a full-time trader would be Risk Management, Choosing the Right Stocks, and Trading the Right Chart Patterns.  He focuses each day finding stocks trading on heavy volume due to a catalyst such as press releases or earnings.  He trades these stocks using simple geometric patterns and strict risk management techniques. In 2012 Ross began teaching the fundamental elements of trading in his Live Day Chat Room  He continues to trade live in his chat room and teach trading courses in the evenings. Ross is the chief editor at Warrior Trading News. You can contact Ross at or by phone at 802 585 1740.




 Jeff Foster

Jeff has been trading U.S. equities and options for 9 years. Jeff attended the University of California, Davis where he majored in Physics. After college, Jeff worked for the government in various capacities. In 2006, he met a professional options trader and mentor who helped him understand the markets and learn how to do more than just manage mutual funds in an IRA. Eventually, Jeff went on to become an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. During his tenure as an advisor, Jeff learned the other aspects of trading and investing required to be successful: Risk management, risk/reward evaluations, fundamental and technical analysis, and trading psychology.

Jeff has also been a small business owner and entrepreneur for several years in addition to being a full time trader. He has been a part of many of the trading communities and chat rooms on the web, but has finally found a home that suits his trading style and skill set here at Warrior Trading. Jeff is a moderator for the Warrior Trading chat room and regularly announces his trades in chat along with play by play updates. He also runs Swing Trade Warrior and provides real time swing trade alerts, trade evaluations and education  He prefers playing high volume stocks with momentum and good chart setups, as well as different bounce and reversal strategies. Jeff has been day trading, swing trading and investing for nine years.

He enjoys working on stock scanners and back testing new trading strategies to stay ahead of the constantly evolving markets. He likes to play golf, hunt with his dog, read economic news and enjoys a good gin and soda after a long week. Jeff is also a contributor at and where he posts weekly articles on tips for traders, as well as stock and market analysis. Jeff posts his weekly trade recaps and educational videos on YouTube @Swing Trade Warrior. You can follow him on Twitter, StockTwits and Instagram: @SwingWarrior        Email:


Mike Herman

Mike graduated from the Florida State University with a Real Estate and Bachelor of Finance degree and focused particularly in the field of Behavioral Finance.  During his time at the Florida State University, Mike began to trade equities and quickly realized the opportunities that existed in the markets. Through trading, Mike had facilitated relationships with a few very experienced individuals who had an expertise in the private equity field. More specifically, the private funding of small cap start-up companies. After several years of successful deals as a venture capitalist, Mike made the decision to return to work as an independent trader.

Throughout the past 7 years of working as an independent trader, Mike has refined his strategy to focus on news driven momentum while factoring in market sentiment and psychology with an emphasis on proper risk management. Mike possesses a unique ability to rapidly decipher critical market moving news and take appropriate action.  You can contact Mike at


Brad Ward

Brad Ward is a fulltime Swing and Day Trader since 2013.  He writes weekly articles focused on technical analysis and catalysts.   Brad graduated from the University of Arkansas and University of Idaho with a Bachelors and Masters of Chemical Engineering, respectively.  He left behind the world of cubicles forever after being laid off as Project Engineer in 2013.   His background led him to computer engineering and a passion for reverse engineering the big movers of the day.  Brad enjoys playing  guitar, traveling, sailing, snowboarding, hunting with his Labrador, fishing, and popping his collar.  You can contact Brad at

Jimmie Rosen

Jim has been trading equities and options since the early 1990’s with a strong focus on daytrading stocks since 1998 fulltime. After leaving a pre-med program in a NY State College, he became an entrepreneur, running his own small  businesses successfully until he was comfortable enough to go fulltime into the art of trading for a living. Jim loves helping others to become successful traders, understand market metrics and behavior, and teaming up with sincere like-minded traders to profit and enjoy fruit of trading.

Jim is a contributing writer for WARRIORTRADINGNEWS focused on all things trading and anything to increase wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Jim can be reached thru the WARRIORTRADINGNEWS Network of excellence and by email at


Stuart Allen

Stuart is a professional day trader and swing trader.  He focuses on stocks reporting earnings, and is most active during earnings season. You can reach Stuart via email at

Jimi Tele

Jimi is a Day Trader and Swing Trader.  He write weekly articles for Warrior Trading News on Finance and breaking news on stocks in particular regarding activist investor positions, earnings releases, and FDA announcements. Contact via email at


Brendon Chan

Brendon is a Professional Equities Trader located in the Greater Philadelphia area.  He focuses on Momentum and Growth trading.  His primary techinque is day trading.  You can reach Brendon via email at

Ritull Raj

Ritull is an investor and day trader developing his skills in high speed momentum trading.  He focuses on breaking news and catalyst driven trades.  He can be contacted at

Bob Dee

Bob is a regular contributor at Warrior Trading News. He is a professional day trader and part-time investor and swing trader. He is particularly skilled at identifying catalysts in small cap stocks through technical analysis. Bob graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Information Technology and Business. Bob was a Help Desk Analyst and IT consultant for several large firms before moving into the Real Estate and Finance industry as a Realtor and Mortgage Broker. After the market crash of 2008, Bob began studying the stock market and learning everything he could by reading books and watching lots of videos and analysis of charts, markets, and stocks. Bob is passionate about studying the markets, new technologies, and trends. You can contact Bob at

Elaine Dee

Elaine Dee has been trading stocks and options for over a decade, focusing on momentum stocks with strong fundamentals and revenue growth.  A self-proclaimed ‘stock junkie’, Elaine loves studying company metrics and learning about exciting new technologies and products that drive high high-growth stocks.  While she enjoys a bit of day trading, she focuses more on swing trading and longer term holds using covered calls to generate cash in lieu of dividends.
Before becoming a stay at home mom Elaine worked for 15 years as a mainframe computer programmer.  She lives in Arizona and enjoys hiking, bicycling, traveling and growing roses.   You can contact Elaine at

Italo Domingues

Italo is a breaking news trader focused on fast moving stocks.  He specializes in receiving and understanding news before most retail traders.  This gives him an extreme advantage as a trader.  He write for Warrior Trading News on press releases, earnings releases, and breaking news.  You can contact Italo at

Linda Johnson

Linda is a contributing writer for Warrior Trading News.  She focuses on stocks recently reporting earnings and has a tremendous amount of experience researching and trading technology stocks. You can reach her at