What Was The PostRock Energy Corporation (PSTR) Furore All About?

PostRock Energy Corporation

By: Jimi -Warrior Trading


What Was The PostRock Energy Corporation (PSTR) Furore All About?


PostRock Energy Corporation (PSTR) caught my eye at the end of the trading week due to the unusual volume and high volatility posted on Friday April 10. The stock opened at $4.45 to reach a day high of $6.62 from its previous close of $4.26 to close at $5.18 (+17.19% change). I was curious as to why this was, and what the catalyst was for this.


Some attribute the High Relative Volume to speculation of possible buyout or consolidation in the natural gas sector. Despite the furore, I note that the Community Sentiment is Bullish at time of writing (source NASDAQ). However, my assessment of PSTR is Bearish* based on the following fundamentals:


Net Financing Cash flow             – $ 9.10M

Net Investing Cash Flow             – $10.52M

Free Cash Flow                         – $13.34M


P/E                                    -0.72

ROI                                    -8.7%

Net Profit Margin                        -16.55%


*Pls note that this assessment is subject to change as fresh information becomes available in the market.


PostRock Energy Corporation based in Oklahoma City with about 199 Full Time Employees, is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, production, and gathering of crude oil and natural gas. PSTR is within the Basic Materials sector with a market cap (intraday) of $33.01M.

Direct Competitors include: Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (COG) and Range Resources Corporation (RRC).

Earnings announcements are expected May 11 – May 15.