United Therapeutics Corporation (NASDAQ: UTHR)


United Therapeutics Corporation (NASDAQ: UTHR)

Yahoo Finance says “Back to Neutral” But I say “it’s on sale”! I have been a fan of this stock for years, take a look.

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Yahoo Finance Company Profile

United Therapeutics Corporation, a biotechnology company, develops and commercializes products to address the unmet medical needs of patients with chronic and life-threatening conditions worldwide.  Its lead product comprises Remodulin, an injection used for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). The company also provides Tyvaso, an inhaled prostacyclin therapy; and Adcirca, a once-daily oral therapy for the treatment of PAH. In addition, it develops Orenitram, a prostacyclin analog for treatment of PAH; Ch14.18 MAb, an antibody for the treatment of neuroblastoma; Beraprost 314d, which is under Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of PAH; and PLacental eXpanded cells that are under Phase I trial for the treatment of PAH. Further, the company is involved in the pre-clinical stage development of glycobiology antiviral agents for the treatment of infectious diseases; UV-4B, an antiviral alpha-glucosidase inhibitor for the treatment of dengue; and engineered lungs and lung tissue that can be transplanted into patients suffering from PAH and other lung diseases. United Therapeutics Corporation was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Sirius Radio Founder Martine Rothblatt (formerly Martin Rothblatt ) liquidated his fortunes from Sirius to fund a biotech, UTHR – United Therapeutics Corporation, in search of genetic research fueled by the illness of his daughter. An amazing story, an amazing American! The story itself deserves an award, but that alone is not the reason for United Therapeutics being one of my all-time favorite equities to trade. It consistently experiences year after year of steady growth with long, slow identifiable channels that are as easy as fishing in a pond. A perfect stock for all of you managing your own IRA and writing covered calls to produce additional income.

Keep United Therapeutics on your radar as the company just recently reported a First Quarter earnings loss along with a revenue miss. However, shares of United Therapeutics are already on the rebound and retracing the initial move.