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Nanosphere, Inc.   (NASDAQ: NSPH)


Nanosphere, Inc. (NSPH), a company that develops, manufactures, and markets molecular diagnostics today announced it received FDA clearance for its Verigene Respiratory Pathogens Test.  Which is a first of its kind of test that helps streamline the process for doctors to help their patients and will reduce healthcare costs.


Nanosphere, Inc. CEO’s Comments

“Verigene RP Flex addresses a previously unmet healthcare need for our laboratory customers by bridging the gap between one-size-fits-all syndromic panels and targeted single-analyte tests,” said Michael McGarrity, Nanosphere’s president and chief executive officer. “RP Flex puts testing decisions back in the hands of healthcare professionals and allows for optimal clinical and economic utility.”  Globe Newswire

Medical Expert Comments :

“The demand and need for respiratory pathogen testing varies by season, geography, epidemiology and patient demographics,” said Paul Granato, Ph.D., Director of Microbiology at Laboratory Alliance of Central New York and Professor Emeritus of Pathology at SUNY Upstate Medical University. “RP Flex is the first respiratory test that provides labs with the flexibility to choose and pay for only the microbial targets applicable to a given patient, which in turn allows them to practice better test stewardship and reduce healthcare costs.”  Globe Newswire


NSPH Technical Analysis

NSPH gapped up in price today to $3.38 up from Friday’s close of $2.70 which is a 20% increase in price based on favorable news. Taking a look at the daily chart we can see the last time the stock traded at this price level was back July 1 when the stock traded at $3.29. If we look a little further back we find the stock trading at $3.73 on June 23 this may be our first resistance level if the stock continues its upward trend.  The stock does have a low float of 6.76 million shares and is trading 3 times its normal daily volume in pre market trading. Making this stock a prime candidate for the gap and go strategy. The stock did have a pre market high of $3.69 which means it did give back $0.31 at the open. For trading purpose my entry point would be $3.50 looking for a possible run to $4.00 with add on price of the pre market highs of $3.69. My stop loss would $3.38 which is the gap up price fearing anything below that and the stock will start to fill in the gap up.


Company Profile

Nanosphere, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets molecular diagnostic tests that can lead to earlier disease detection, optimal patient treatment, and enhanced healthcare economics. It offers a molecular diagnostics platform, Verigene System platform that enables clinicians to identify and treat the bacteria and viruses for complex, costly, and deadly infectious diseases. The Verigene System includes a bench-top molecular diagnostics workstation for genomic and protein testing. The Verigene System is used for testing infectious disease assays, human and pharmacogenetic assays, and ultra-sensitive protein assays. The company focuses on serving hospital-based laboratories and academic research institutions in the United States. Nanosphere, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. Yahoo Finance