Illumina, Inc. | $ILMN Stock | Shares Shoot Up On Plans To Sequence Human Genome


Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ: ILMN)



Illumina, Inc. (ILMN), a leading global sequencing technology company yesterday announced the NovaSeq Series, which is a new scalable sequencing that is expected to one day enable a $100 genome. NovaSeq is the most powerful sequencer to be launched to date.


Illumina, Inc. CEO’s  Comments

“The introduction of NovaSeq marks one of the most important inflection points of innovation in Illumina’s history. In the same way that HiSeq X enabled the $1,000 genome with the HiSeq® architecture first announced in 2010, we believe that future systems derived from the NovaSeq architecture we are launching today one day will enable the $100 genome and propel discoveries that will enable a deeper understanding and better treatments for complex disease,” said Francis deSouza, President and CEO of Illumina. “The NovaSeq Systems enable the study of genetic links between health and disease at an unprecedented scale by making it possible to sequence more samples at greater depth and take on projects that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. By accelerating the trajectory of genomics with these systems, Illumina is making it possible to envision a future in which all people can benefit from precision medicine.”   Business Wire


ILMN Technical Analysis


ILMN opened trading yesterday at $141.87 which was up from the previous day’s trading close of $141.49. ILMN closed trading yesterday at $141.54 and spiked up after market to $166.00, equivalent to a 17% increase from the closing price. Taking a look at the daily chart we can see that the last time ILMN traded above these levels we have to go back to October 10th, 2016 when it traded at  $184.85. Taking a closer look at the daily chart we can see that before the spike up ILMN had been in an overall upward trend dating back to December 7th when it traded at $122.02.

ILMN has a float of 145.3 million shares and traded below the normal daily trading volume on Monday. For trading purposes, I would like to see ILMN open trading on Tuesday above $158.00 and if it does I would be looking to take a long position at the bell. My stop loss would be $1.50 from my entry position fearing anything more than that and the stock would start to fill in the gap up. Check out these links for more information on Warrior Trading and the trading strategies we implement in their chat room!


Company Profile

Illumina, Inc. provides sequencing and array-based solutions for genetic analysis. The company’s sequencing by synthesis technology provides researchers with various applications and the ability to sequence mammalian genomes. It also offers arrays for a range of deoxyribonucleic acid and RNA analysis applications, including single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping, copy number variations analysis, gene expression analysis, and methylation analysis, as well as allow for the detection of known genetic markers on a single array. In addition, the company provides various library preparation and sequencing kits to simplify workflows and accelerate analysis; and genome sequencing, genotyping, and non-invasive prenatal testing services.

It serves genomic research centers, academic institutions, government laboratories, and hospitals, as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrigenomics, commercial molecular diagnostic laboratories, and consumer genomics companies. The company markets and distributes its products directly to customers in North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as through life-science distributors. It has a collaboration agreement With MolecularMD Corporation for drug-diagnostic co-development with biopharma drug programs. Illumina, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.  Yahoo Finance