Apple Buys Augmented Reality Lense Maker Akonia


With the advent of technology, the demand for matching techno-based gadgets tend to rise. The manufacturing companies must, therefore, match up with the pace of technology. One such company is the giant company, Apple. Apple does this in quite a witty manner, that is, acquisition.

Apple has a tendency of buying smaller companies with outstanding technology. In 2013, Apple bought another Israeli firm called PrimeSense that specialized in three-dimensional sensors.

Today, Apple has salivated over Akonia and has launched the acquisition process. Actually, Apple has confirmed the purchase of a company by the name Akonia Holographic even before it (Akonia) celebrated its seventh anniversary.

Akonia’s Selling Qualities

Akonia has been renowned for making thin, light, cheap and transparent lenses. These glasses assist in projecting the image. The company is known to be in possession of more than two hundred patents that pertain to holographic systems.

Akonia’s technology on the production of the lenses was unmatched. The lenses allow for thin transparent glasses that works best in case of any display-talk of a vibrant, colorful, and wide field of view! Akonia, since its inception in the year 2012, has been focusing on holographic data storage before embarking on the creation of displays for augmented reality lenses.

All these will quench Apple’s thirst for its ambition to make a wearable device with the capability to superimpose digital information a practical digital era.
Importance of the purchase

Major technology firms have long been racing to create a glass that will show digital crystal clear digital information on the lenses. Apple, being one of these firms has also been on the race track.

Apple’s intention for buying this company was to bring into reality the song it has been singing for long concerning augmented reality into the iPhone. Although there was a rumor that was on the wind concerning the company purchase of AR glasses, the acquisitions of these powerful lenses will jumpstart the whole process without any shadow of doubt. These lenses shall be produced in bulk hence facilitating economies of scale in mass production at low prices.

A Saver for Apple’s Challenge

Upon acquiring Akonia, Apple will be tearing down the challenge that has long been daunting in augmented reality hardware. The thin displays from Akonia will help counter one the challenge for the hardware as these lenses are crystal clear in appearance.

Unlike the one owned by Apple, these optical lenses are light and easy to work with the capability to produce brighter images. The glasses shall be used for outdoor purposes.

Price still undisclosed

The price for this history-making purchase is yet to be disclosed. Date of acquisition too has not yet been disclosed.

However, reputable sources are giving clues concerning the business exchange. Some of these sources are immensely expectant of the merge to take place any time in the course of the year 2018.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that Apple will have a completely new set of technologically advanced gadgets with super quality lenses. Akonia, being the source of the market, did confirm the sale through various reputable sources.

Actually, it has been revealed that the deal was not the first one to be carried out by Akonia. Akonia did raise approximately $11.6 million in seed funding in the year 2012 and was seeking an additional funding.