Recouping Losses and Savoring Wins


Hey there, it’s Ross Cameron here! Today, I’m excited to take you through my day as a day trader. From recouping losses to savoring wins, each day in the stock market brings its own set of challenges and victories. Join me as I walk you through the trades I made today and the thought process behind each move.

Early Morning Market Scan

As I kick-started my day a little after 7 am, I dove straight into analyzing the S&P 500 to gauge the overall market sentiment. With Friday’s strong close, I was cautiously optimistic about the day ahead. Pre-market activity seemed relatively stable, setting the stage for what seemed to be a promising trading day.

CHEA: The Star Performer

The standout stock of the day was CHEA, a special acquisition company that experienced a jaw-dropping 100% surge in less than 30 minutes. This rapid ascent caught my attention, and I decided to delve deeper into this volatile opportunity. Analyzing the price action and volume dynamics, I strategically entered a trade that ultimately led to a significant profit, showcasing the essence of capitalizing on momentum.

Riding the Rollercoaster: Wins and Losses

Navigating through SNES, GNPX, and VLCN, I encountered a mix of wins and losses. SNES presented an intriguing setup that unfortunately resulted in a small loss, highlighting the importance of cutting losses swiftly. On the other hand, GNPX offered a quick scalp trade that added to my daily profit, showcasing the dynamic nature of day trading. VLCN, while promising, failed to sustain momentum, emphasizing the need for adaptability in swiftly changing market conditions.

Market Open and Beyond

As the market opened, I observed various stocks like RVSN, DWAC, and BRTX, each presenting unique opportunities and risks. While some stocks exhibited compelling movements, I chose to exercise caution and refrained from trading due to perceived risks and low volume concerns. Navigating through these dynamic market conditions reinforced the significance of disciplined trading and risk management practices.


Wrapping up a solid trading day that recouped previous losses and propelled my account to all-time highs, I reflect on the invaluable lessons learned. From embracing losses as part of the journey to seizing opportunities with unwavering focus, each trading day presents a unique learning experience. As I sign off, remember that trading entails risks, and my results are not typical. Stay tuned for more trading insights and adventures as I embark on my trading journey each day. See you bright and early tomorrow for another round of market exploration and trading action!

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