Day Trading from St. Martin


Hey everyone, Ross Cameron here! Day three of my day trading adventure in St. Martin started with an unusual twist—the Caribbean skies decided to grace us with rain showers instead of the usual sunshine. While I’m a beach lover at heart, the change in weather gave me the perfect excuse to spend some extra time at my trading station, diving deeper into the market’s movements and interacting with you guys through comments on my YouTube channel. Your engagement genuinely lights up my day, and I’m all geared up to answer the heap of questions you’ve left me.

Making the Most of a Cloudy Day

Given the rainy day here in the Caribbean, the beach plans had to wait, turning my full attention to trading and planning something special for you all. I’m thinking of hosting a live class next week to dive into all your questions and discuss my current strategies for finding and trading stocks. However, to make it accessible to everyone, I’m asking for your input on the best time to host this session. You can vote on the best time through a survey here. Once we tally up the responses, I’ll notify you through email of the most popular choice. I’m aiming for a midweek session, possibly on a Wednesday or Thursday, so stay tuned!

Navigating Today’s Market

This morning, despite being a bit groggy from the early wake-up thanks to the time difference here, I noticed the market was bustling with activity. My scans highlighted two stocks that had surged over 100% early in the session, signaling a day ripe with opportunities. However, it’s crucial to approach each day with caution, as the market’s tide can turn quickly, something I’ve learned through years of trading.

One of the stocks that caught my eye was MOTS, which gapped up by 160%. Despite its impressive pre-market move, its high volume and thick trading persuaded me against trading it, fearing it would only churn commissions. It’s crucial to pick battles wisely in day trading to maintain profitability.

Then there was SEED, a stock I’m quite familiar with. Initially, I was hesitant, remembering its history of choppy performances. However, today it presented a favorable setup which led me to pull the trigger on a trade that turned out to be my biggest win for the day, netting me $2,800.

Next up was SOGP, showing a promising surge. Despite its initial pullback, the setup aligned well with my strategy, leading to a profitable trade. However, VCIG, with its AI-related news, and CPOP, gapping down from the previous day’s rise, offered mixed results. It’s all part of the game, though. You win some, you lose some, but more importantly, you learn from each trade.

The Importance of Trade Management

Today was a rollercoaster—peaking at $4,000 in profits before dipping and eventually closing the session up $3,500. This volatility serves as a reminder of the importance of managing emotions and trades meticulously. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement or disappointment of each trade, but discipline and a clear strategy are what lead to long-term success.

Balancing Trading with Travel

Trading while traveling presents its own set of challenges and rewards. The change of scenery here in St. Martin has been refreshing, but it also requires a shift in strategy. I tend to trade a bit more conservatively to ensure the trip remains enjoyable and profitable. Today’s mixed weather provided a unique opportunity to focus more on trading, but I’m equally excited to get back to the beach once the skies clear.

Reflections on February’s Trades

Looking back at my trading performance this February, it’s been a month filled with highs and lows. Each trading session brings its lessons, helping refine strategies and improve decision-making for future trades. While missing a day due to travel was a bummer, the overall trajectory has been positive, underscoring the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in day trading.

Closing Thoughts and a Look Ahead

As always, I want to emphasize that day trading carries risks, and it’s crucial to approach it with caution and preparation. My journey is a testament to what’s possible with dedication and a willingness to learn from each trade. For those looking to join me in this exciting world, remember to manage your risks carefully and practice with simulated trades before putting real money on the line.

Looking forward to next week’s class, I’m excited to share more insights and answer your questions. Make sure to participate in the survey so we can pick the best time for everyone. Let’s continue to navigate the ebbs and flows of the market together, learning and growing with each trade. Here’s to more green days ahead, and don’t forget to catch my recap tomorrow morning. Happy trading!

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