Starting Off February in the Green


Hey there, traders! It’s Ross Cameron, and today I want to take you through my day trading journey for the first day of February. It was an eventful day with exciting opportunities, so let’s dive into the action and explore the trades I made on two significant stocks: NRBO and MINM.

NRBO: Capitalizing on Early Momentum

As the day kicked off, I quickly noticed NRBO showing promising momentum, surging from $4.20 to over $6.50. This impressive move caught my attention, especially with a 78% surge and news catalyst backing the stock. I seized the opportunity and took a 1,000 share starter position at $6, managing my risk with a stop at $5.50.

MINM: Navigating Through Price Action

MINM presented an intriguing setup, with pre-market movement and daily resistance levels at play. Observing the stock’s price action closely, I strategically entered a trade at $5.83, riding the momentum to a high of $6.38 and securing a $2,000 profit on the trade. The detailed analysis of the 10-second and one-minute charts guided my decision-making process, allowing me to make the most of the opportunities presented.

Embracing Learning and Adaptation

Reflecting on the trading day, I came to realize the significance of making calculated decisions and adapting to the evolving market conditions. Despite encountering a few challenges and minor losses along the way, I maintained a disciplined approach, ensuring that my losses remained marginal and manageable.

The Path Forward: Focus and Growth

As I wrap up today’s trading recap, I’m reminded of the importance of maintaining a forward-focused mindset while continually striving for growth and improvement. Each trading day presents new learning opportunities, and today’s experiences have only strengthened my resolve to stay committed to my trading strategies and risk management practices.

Conclusion: Embracing Opportunities

In conclusion, today’s trading journey has reaffirmed my belief in the power of strategic decision-making and adapting to market dynamics. While it’s crucial to celebrate the wins, it’s equally vital to embrace the learning experiences that come with each trading day. As I look ahead, I remain optimistic about the future, staying true to my trading principles and seeking growth opportunities in the ever-evolving world of day trading. Happy trading!

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