Red Day Recap


Hey everyone, Ross Cameron here! Today was one of those tough red days in day trading that really tests your patience and strategy. I started the day and got slammed into the red right from the first trade, down $2,000. Recovery seemed like an uphill battle, especially since I was cautious about maintaining moderate share sizes. In the end, I finished the day with a small gain of $154 (Results not typical). Let’s walk through the trades that got me there!

First Trade of the Day: PHUN

The first stock I traded today was PHUN. It hit my scanner at $7.59, and I jumped in at $7.62. The stock quickly popped to $8, but I ended up stopping out at $7.68, making a small profit of $15. This trade set the tone for the day as it provided a modest gain, but it wasn’t the win I needed to offset the rocky start.

The Big Hit: KALA

Next, KALA came up on my scanner. Despite the fact that it was up 47% at one point, I ended up taking a hefty loss of $1,700 on it. I initially entered at $6.12, hoping for a continuation. The stock did pop to $6.40, but it dumped down to $5.60 shortly after, leading me to stop out. A small dip trade yielded a small recovery, but overall, KALA was a big disappointment.

Clawing Back My Losses: GRI

GRI was another challenging stock today. It has a very low float and was on our radar due to recent news about completing an offering. I entered at $1.96, aiming to catch some momentum on the back of this news. It briefly shot up to $2.50, allowing me to take a little profit, but it soon dumped, and I was left disappointed once again. This stock had high selling volume and couldn’t hold its gains. Fortunately, I was still able to lock in a gain of $1182.

BSFC: A Choppy Ride

BSFC provided some hope but also frustration. My first entry was at $2.37 with 2,500 shares. Unfortunately, I got stopped out for a loss but re-entered when the stock showed signs of curling up. I did manage to make a profit of about $998 on this trade as it squeezed, but it was a grinder. It popped and dropped frequently, making it tough to trade cleanly. This experience was exhausting and highlighted the choppiness of today’s market.

MLGO: Multiple Attempts and Failures

MLGO was a rollercoaster. My first small trade on it looked promising, but I got stopped out for a loss. The second and third attempts were the same story—small entries and getting stopped out. Finally, on my fourth attempt, I made a quick $500 profit, bringing me back to green briefly, only to lose it again as the stock dropped. I finished -$334 on the stock.

GOVX: A Close Call

GOVX came on my scanner, and it seemed like a reasonable play. I entered at $4.40 as the stock was moving higher, but it quickly dumped to $4.10. I averaged down at $4.03, and this time the stock curled back up, allowing me to exit at basically break-even with a small gain of $15. This was a close call and underscored just how choppy the trading conditions were.

Final Thoughts

Today was a reminder that not every day is a winning one in day trading. With a maximum drop of $2,000 and at one point being up $900, I ended the day with a small gain of $154 (Results not typical). Despite the frustration, I managed to contain my losses by sticking to moderate share sizes and tight stops. However, the choppiness of today’s market made it a challenging day. Remember, trading is risky, and my results aren’t typical. Always manage your risk and stay disciplined. I’ll be back tomorrow, hoping for better trades to round out the week. Stay tuned!

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