Biocept (BIOC) Is Looking More And More Attractive


Biocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC)

Biocept has seen a bit of downward movement in the market recently; and while this may be a concern to some investors, I’m seeing it more as an opportunity. As an investor my goal is to buy low and sell high. With Biocept’s price being so low, it’s hard to resist the opportunity to buy. So, why am I so excited about BIOC?

Biocept Has The Ability To Diagnose Cancer With A Blood Test

Biocept recently released data from a study in which they proved that it is possible to detect breast cancer through the use of a simple blood sample. The concept was tested on several women who had been proven to have breast cancer from a tissue biopsy. After the liquid biopsy was conducted, the results of each test were compared to the results from the tissue biopsy. The comparison proved without a reasonable doubt that Biocept has accurately detected breast cancer through a blood sample. The comparisons proved that the results of the blood samples and the results of the tissue samples were a match!

How The Stock Reacted

Shortly following the news of the positive data, Biocept stock climbed for two days in a row before a correction ensued. Unfortunately however, since the correction, we’ve seen slow and steady downtrends, driving the price of BIOC down even further. Currently, Biocept is trading at $2.77 per share after falling from $3.25 per share since less than a week ago.

Why This Massive Drop Isn’t Concerning

If you look at Biocept’s stock chart, you can see that the price is still above where it was before the news of the liquid biopsy came in. So, we’re still in the gains in my opinion. Also, considering the fact that the BIOC seems to have reached a level of support in the market today; I’m expecting to see uptrends start again relatively soon!

What To Expect Moving Forward

At this point, I have positive expectations for BIOC both in the short and long term outlook. In the short term, it seems as though the fall has finally reached the floor; resenting a buying opportunity that many are sure to take advantage of. As a result, we’ll see the value of the stock climb! In the long run, I’m expecting to see massive growth. Think about it from a patient’s perspective, if it was thought that you might have breast cancer, would you rather go through a tissue biopsy or a simple blood test. The answer is simple, and in most cases, it’s the same across the board. When (not if) this technology goes live, one could only imagine that it would hit the ground running; becoming popular seemingly over night. This is bound to bring long run profits and increases in the value of BIOC stock.

What Do You Think?

Where do you think BIOC is headed and why? Let us know in the comments below!