Why Walt Disney (DIS) Stock Is A Solid Investment Choice!


Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS)

Walt Disney Co has been the topic of quite a few recent conversations among investors; and for good reason. The reality is that DIS always has been a great investment choice; growing exponentially since the day it hit the market in 1978. However, past growth doesn’t always mean future opportunity. So, the big question these days is, “Will Walt Disney stock continue to grow?” In my opinion, the answer is yes, here’s why…

What Has Caused Growth In Disney In The Past?

While past growth doesn’t always mean present opportunities, it’s always important to look into the past in an attempt to analyze what caused the growth in the first place. With that said, DIS has an incredible past; growing from $0.78 per share in 1978 to today’s price of $113.53. It’s also important to note that the speed at which DIS is going from point A to point B has grown exponentially over this time. Also, when looking at the stock chart, you can see that there are few breaks in the uptrends we’ve seen on the stock; the most notable breaks are in times of economic recession around the world. Outside of these breaks, the trends are all up! So, what’s the cause of the massive growth we’ve seen from Disney over time?

Disney has an uncanny ability to capture the imaginations of people young and old. Do you remember your favorite childhood cartoon character? Was it Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, or one of the other characters created by Disney? Chances are, your answer is yes! Even more importantly, when you see these characters today, they are likely to bring you back to a point in your childhood; making them even more important to you today than ever before! The bottom line is that while others have made cartoons, told stories through movies, and targeted a wide range of audiences; none of Walt Disney’s competitors seem to have the ability to captivate audiences the way DIS has!

DIS Makes Money Everywhere!

Most businesses have a few revenue streams; so, as investors, we’re used to tracking several revenue streams in an attempt to calculate what we believe the intrinsic value of the company to be. However, when we look at Disney, things aren’t quite as simple. This company has created entire empires around the characters it has created; selling books, rights to pictures, theme park tickets, and far more. When an investor takes a look at the list of Walt Disney products, it really is astonishing. What’s even more impressive is that they all tend to fly off the shelves; generating revenue for DIS and its investors every step of the way.

This Control Of The Market Isn’t Likely To Change Any Time Soon

In conclusion, everything I’ve told you above isn’t likely to end any time soon. Over time, Walt Disney has proven time and time again that they are a company that’s more than capable of outdoing itself nearly every quarter. They don’t just generate revenue, they absolutely blow away expectations; thanks to their astonishing ability to captivate the human imagination. With proven longevity in their concepts and more concepts coming out seemingly every day, there’s no reason for DIS to fall in value.

What Do You Think?

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