IBM Files a Patent Application for Blockchain Database Management System

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International Business Machines (IBM) has filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for “Managing a Database Management System using a Blockchain Database.” The patent explains the intention of the American technology company to build a tampering detection system, or DT-DS. 

The patent application reads, “Aspects of the disclosure include a method, system, and computer program product for managing a database management system (DBMS). A central database to include a set of central data may be structured with respect to the DBMS.

A blockchain database which is linked with the central database may be constructed with respect to the DBMS. A set of blockchain data may be established in the blockchain database corresponding to the set of central data of the central database.”

Users of the system would have to initiate an access request to the Database Management System in order to gain access. Once the request is received, the blockchain and central databases would be maintained.

It will be able to identify variations in a set of data stored in a central database concerning a partial copy of the same data stored on a blockchain database, according to CryptoCoinsNews.

IBM Blockchain

The Armonk, New York-based corporation had long been expected to develop a blockchain-enabled database management system, given the amount of sensitive data that the tech giant would want to safeguard.

According to USPTO, the company had previously made a filing for the patent on December 22 last year. The filing signals growing interest in the blockchain technology by IBM. This year alone, the firm has been awarded six blockchain-related patents by the regulator.

IBM has recognized blockchain in its initial filing, for being able to foster a generation of new trustable, accountable, and transparent transactional applications. The company is already known for its massive contribution to Fabric, which is a permissioned blockchain structure that is focused on integration projects. In addition, IBM offers a wide range of Hyperledger tools, such as Explorer, Caliper, Composer, and Cello.

The corporation joins several other companies, such as Walmart and MasterCard, in a battle to win blockchain patents. The privatization of the public ledger has initiated a heated race among companies to establish the winner of the technological revolution brought about by blockchain.

IBM could make use of blockchain technology to innovate its existing systems that would help it handle data security loopholes, hopscotch, and inconsistences. The firm already offers a closely related service called IBM D2 that comprises of database management, data warehouse, operational database, fast data, and data lake.