The Fastest Growing Industries You Should Be Investing In


Different eras of human history have been marked with developments that shaped the next generation of growing industries. From the railways, pipeline, electricity, automobiles, airlines, and the internet, the world has seen tremendous growth in the industries during various periods.

In the growth phase of transformative industries, the pioneer investors benefit greatly from the increase in share value that results from the expansion. Currently, the internet is at the centerstage of modern development which keeps people wondering what the next human invention and top growing industry will be.

While we ponder on that question, here are three very promising growing industries that you may want to invest in during their early development phases.

Renewable Energy

The green energy industry has been in existence for many years, though it struggled to pick up due to the significance placed on petroleum-based products. The recent campaigns against global warming across the globe have given a comeback to the use of solar panels, geothermal energy, and wind power, as companies and nations seek alternatives to fossil fuels.

What was once viewed as an expensive energy source due to the cost of acquiring the requisite materials is being embraced as an efficient and nature-friendly source of electricity and power.

Governments have embraced green energy as part of their plans to meet the international thresholds of greenhouse gas emissions. For investors, renewable energy business could potentially produce higher returns as this is a growing industry.

For the companies that failed to grow but held on to their operations, it is their opportunity to record enormous expansion, both in terms of size and profits, as they can capitalize on their knowhow and the political goodwill to serve more regions. For you as a speculator, the

Marijuana – The Herbal Remedy

If you were to ask which countries allow the cultivation, distribution and smoking of marijuana, one would immediately think of Latin American countries. Formerly, the legal use of ‘weed’, as it is popularly known, was limited to a few countries.

However, the substance is increasingly decriminalized and adopted for use for recreational and medicinal purposes in others nations, including the developed countries. Just recently, its usage was made legal in Canada.

This tells you something about what might happen in the near future – other countries will follow suit. It may soon become universally accepted drug. If the legitimization trend continues, marijuana will soon become one of the commodities traded in the world markets, just like alcohol and tobacco: both of which are very profitable.

The first major companies formed to process marijuana may,in years to come, become the first multinational corporations in the field with the potential of reporting billions in annual profits. As an investor asking what the next top growing industry will be, you should consider marijuana as one of the likely options.

Virtual Reality

The Internet is the current development that started in the late years of the 20th century. With the current technological advancement, there are almost unlimited ways in which computers can be employed to perform tasks.

Some of the tasks performed by computers are unfathomable to an ordinary human being. From touch screen technology employed on smart phones, to the internet of things (IOT) used to give life and senses to technical equipment, the internet has enabled the execution of tasks once thought impossible.

No wonder Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, is among the richest people in the world, and Apple Inc. is among the most profitable consumer electronics companies. Virtual reality is the next innovation whose capabilities are not fully exploited. While it is used in video gaming and medical simulation procedures, its potential uses could be enormous.

Could it be the next form of technological advancement that will reshape the future of our computer and television screens? Will its use be expanded to incorporate other IOT devices?

While it will be interesting to discover more applications of virtual reality, it will present great opportunities for investors in the industry to boost and diversifytheir financial returns.

Bottom line

When contemplating of investing in an industry that is likely produce lucrative financial returns, the renewable energy, marijuana, and virtual reality could be some of the good choices.

You can purchase shares of companies in these industries at the earliest opportunity before their par prices skyrocket in years to come.