Why You Should Be Shopping at ALDI


ALDI is one of the fastest growing retail grocery chains in the nation and for many good reasons! ALDI is notorious for its great produce for budget-friendly prices.

It can be challenging to eat healthy and to get fresh products without completing breaking the bank, but ALDI is providing these goods to their shoppers for low prices.

ALDI is Different Than Your Average Grocery Store

Aldi Store

ALDI’s is not your typical grocery store. It can be challenging to navigate their different grocery system if you’re going in unaware of what to expect. Here are some of the ways

ALDI is different:

Most ALDI stores don’t have shelves. Huh? The set up of the store differs from what you might imagine a large grocery store would look like. Generally, the store displays it products in the boxes the products were shipped in. They just stack the boxes up with the center removed and you can reach in and get what you’re looking for.

The stores carry a lot less product than major chain grocery stores. This is how they keep their costs low for customers, through low rent payments and low overhead costs. The stores are noticeably smaller and usually consist of four or five aisles for a smaller city store. This limits the amount of products you can choose from and decreases the amount of time spent in the store.

ALDI does not carry major brands. Rather, they have their own store-brand products which are often the same quality as major brands or better and sold at a fraction of the price. A lot of their products are also healthier and more organic than major brands as well.

ALDI Prices Are Consumer Friendly

When you hear ALDI think PRODUCE, PRODUCE, PRODUCE! If you’re trying to eat more organic, natural foods but you cannot afford to shop at high-end grocers or peruse your local farmers market, ALDI is a great option for you. ALDI offers high quality produce very inexpensively. Peep their weekly catalog and find out the best deals and which produce is going to be the best buy.

A bundle of bananas is usually half the price when compared to major grocery chains even when it is off season. One of my favorite things about ALDI is their salad kits. They are super affordable and come in amazing, easy to assemble salads which are perfect to pack for lunches.

Meats and dairy are also a great asset of ALDI. Lunch meats are super affordable at ALDI and taste fresh. A lot of their dairy products are certified organic and are even cheaper than the non-organic dairy at major grocery chains. What? I know, it’s almost too good to be true, but believe! ALDI is a great place to find the healthier, organic food options you are looking for without breaking your budget.

ALDI also has a great gluten-free collection of foods which, again, are super affordable. This is great news for anyone with allergies or interested in purchasing affordable gluten-free foods that are still high in quality.

ALDI Is Eco-Friendly

The first thing you should know before going into an ALDI store is that you must bring your own bags, or you’ll have to pay 10 cents per bag provided by the store. The store does this to save on bags costs but to also reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags that often end up in the ocean or blowing around town.

ALDI Takes Care of Their Employees

ALDI’s also pays fair wages to their employees and has been doing so for years. When most grocery stores were paying employees $7-8 minimum wage, ALDI’s was starting off at $14-15 dollars and even paying up to $17-$18 dollars.

Managers make above the national average as well compared to those major grocery chains. This may be nice to know when shopping so you know you’re contributing to an environment that believes in paying employees a living wage.

ALDI is a small in size grocery chain that changes how we think about grocery shopping. The stores are a no-nonsense design and issue quality, affordable products without overwhelming the shopper with 30+ options. If you’re looking for pasta, pick your shape and not your brand. ALDI is a consumer-focused grocery store, focused on providing quality and affordable products to their consumers.