Mirror offers remote training for a fee


In the age of Internet of Things connectivity and ubiquitous web cams, why not bring more services toward a remote model where you can get professionals beamed into people’s homes?

That’s essentially what Mirror is doing with its new home training service, in which coaches work with clients in one-on-one personal training sessions through two-way audio and video infrastructure.

“Coaches will be able to lead users through sessions while giving feedback,” writes Dami Lee at The Verge, describing the new service and how it works.

Lee reveals pricing for the service, which includes around $1500 for the screen and $40 for each personal trainer session, as well as a $39-per-month subscription charge for a wide range of live group classes.

As of right now, the Mirror remote training option seems to be only compatible with Apple and not Android. It comes with a five megapixel camera and a privacy cover showing that the company is cognizant of concerns about big brother or anyone else monitoring users surreptitiously.

It’s perhaps not surprising that fitness coaches have jumped on the bandwagon in a trend started by telemedicine and similar services delivered through the web.

But as with so many new technology service models, we’re likely to see a struggle for market share – that is, unless Mirror becomes the de facto monopoly for some reason. There’s often a frenzy in a competitive space like this as companies move in.

Mirror’s CEO is confident that the company has put its finger on the pulse of the average fitness enthusiast.

“The home will always be the most convenient place to work out,” CEO Brynn Putnam said, according to The Verge.

For those who do like to work out in the comfort of their homes, Mirror will be an appealing option. Look for more as this new service segment emerges.