The Motorola Razr cometh! New pre-order date announced


Like the old flip phones?

This week, there’s a new timeline for the rollout of Motorola’s new foldable Razr flip phone that emulates a beloved classic. The old Razr as very much a part of our collective transition to “smartphones” as we now know them, albeit a relatively primitive start (remember the old ‘partial Internet’ on the Razr and similar phones?)

According to The Verge, the new Razr will now debut February 6, with pre-orders starting this coming weekend.

The reason Motorola delayed delivery, according to these reports, was high demand.

“The new preorder date is exactly a month after the originally planned December 26th date, which Motorola changed due to demand for the foldable device being higher than it had anticipated,” Verge writer Chaim Gartenberg writes today.

Gartenberg also describes the expected logistics for getting the new Razr first as an early adopter.

“Preorders will be available exclusively at Verizon, Walmart, and on Motorola’s website,” Gartenberg writes. “The phone will also be available in stores starting on February 6th. However, it’s not clear how easy or difficult it’ll be to just walk in and buy one on the release date; the delay due to demand could suggest that there will be fewer units available.”

This first foldable smartphone of its kind on the market has a 6.2 inch display for capably presenting all of the gear that goes into a modern android smartphone.

The keypad is a plastic OLED panel, and the price tag is up around $1500. For some enthusiasts, that’s not too much to pay for a brand experience that’s like no other.

“The new Razr is much more than just a familiar brand name,” Gartenberg wrotr Nov 13 in an earlier description of why the new Razr is special. “This is a true heir to the original flip phone, with a design that’s heavily inspired by its 2004 predecessor, right down to the big curved chin on the bottom (which now also hosts a more modern fingerprint sensor and a USB-C charging port).”

With so many of the classic models now lining landfills or sitting in basements addicts and garages, is it time for another flip phone?

Some think so – and some analysts are impressed.

“The phone everyone wanted before the iPhone changed the world is back with an updated design, edgier (non) capitalization, and a whole new philosophy,” writes Michael Simon at PCWorld., citing the power of FOMO.

And speaking of FOMO – look out for the pre-order lines later this month.