Neato D10 brings HEPA filtration to robot cleaning


For some of the latest in robotic vacuum design, check out the new models coming out from Neato, a top contender for dominance in this market.


The Neato company is announcing a range of new models, its D8, D9 and D10, to complement its existing D7 and D5 designs and others.


Like older designs, these upgrades use a laser lidar navigation system to effectively clean indoor spaces before making their way back to a charging base.


In explaining some of the value of the newer Neato versions, promoters highlight both the style and the function of the device. Brian Bennett at CNET talks about the “improved aesthetics and runtime” of the D10. But one of the premium features on the D10 is a HEPA filter that will effectively remove 99% of many harmful elements from indoor air. So as your D10 is hoovering around, it’s actually cleaning the air that it takes in, to a large degree. HEPA filters are the gold standard in air purification, so this is a big value.


These models don’t have price tags attached to them yet, but they’re not likely to be cheap – D7s go for up to $600 retail. Newer models can range into the thousands.


However, for analysis from the ground, let’s go to Reddit where actual users talk about their experiences with a range of robotic vacuums – and where responses are relatively unfiltered by outside parties.


What you find is that an unlikely dark horse lineup from Xiaomi is actually preferred by quite a few owners.


“Xiaomi/roborock s50,” writes mule_roany_mare. “Great vacuum, great price, great navigation. I can carry it over & hit a button to spot clean, or I can pick an area on the map & it will send itself.”


“I bought (a Xiaomi) after totally giving up on robot vacuums, a few different neato and roomba units that got stuck, took forever to clean, missed spots with weird random coverage that made my ocd flare,” writes SoulScience. “Completely different experience. This one works perfectly, very rarely gets stuck, picks up great, scans the room and intelligently moves around to get the job done quicker.”


Down the line, others mostly echo this sentiment, although there are some Neato and Roomba fans out there. Take a look as the D10 hits stores. It may be worth the money.