ReadiTech expands 10G PON service


No, we haven’t skipped four generations of telecom communications networks! News today about 10G service from Dickey Rural Networks and its subsidiary ReadiTech describes a different animal than what’s behind evolving cellular carrier network standards.


While 5G stands for the fifth generation of such networks that carriers are frantically building across their territories, DRN’s 10G refers to a 10 Gigabyte broadband service, specifically a 10GB passive optical network that moves over dark fiber.


Getting further into the alphabet soup around this service, DRN provides what’s called an XGS PON – a 10GB symmetrical passive optical network, by which the company has delivered fiber to the home (FTTH) services since 2012 starting with a 5000-square-mile area of the Dakotas.


There’s a lot more to dig into in this new stellar broadband technology that outperforms wireless systems by miles – partnering with a company called Calix, DRN offers this broadband connectivity to customers with AXOS E72 intelligent modular systems and uses a services management connector or SMx to facilitate the network functionality.


Then there’s Wi-Fi 6 Gigaspire Blast, and an “Experience Innovation platform,” whatever that is…


Users don’t have to know what all of this means – by deploying these cable broadband solutions, they get far closer to top worldwide broadband standards that seem to the average U.S. customer like data delivered in the blink of an eye.


“We have always prided ourselves on delivering the best technology available to keep our subscribers connected, wherever they reside,” says Kent Schimke, CEO and general manager for DRN, in a contemporary press statement. “As one of the first service providers to take fiber broadband all the way into the home in 2012, we pioneered the delivery of symmetrical bandwidth in this region. Now, we are ramping the service up to 10G, ensuring we remain well ahead of subscriber demand and already anticipating our next step of delivering an unmatched experience that capitalizes on our network investment. Calix has been a phenomenal partner since the beginning and will continue to be important to our success going forward.”


Investors should keep an eye on new modern broadband services for any holdings that relate to this area of telecom. Our Internet connectivity will not stay slow forever, and this model demonstrates how networks can evolve rapidly.