Lightspin wants to innovate cloud security with big series A round


The fundraising of a company called Lightspin is getting some attention in the tech sector today.


Kyle Wiggers at VentureBeat reports the company has generated $16 million through a series A round with Dell Tech Capital and Ibex Investors.


So what does Lightspin do? The company’s agentless security solutions are aimed at helping clients to deal with specific types of cybersecurity problems related to cloud design and implementation.


The company is a new one – started in Tel Aviv in 2020, its tools are developed to help companies to spot things like weak configurations, poor policy controls and common vulnerabilities for distributed systems, including container virtualization setups.


“As previous consultants and buyers, (we) recognize buyers’ primary needs by applying (the company’s) deep understanding of attack strategies, resulting in a unique contextual approach to cloud security,” Lightspin cofounder and CEO Vladi Sandler said in a recent interview. “Lightspin’s contextual algorithms consistently detect and determine the risk of threats to cloud environments.”


One of the metrics that can respond well to these types of solutions is dwell time – calculated as the time that an incipient threat stays in the system wreaking havoc before it is identified and eventually contained or eliminated.


An IBM study shows that the average data breach dwell time is 206 days. Companies desperately want to reduce that number, and Lightspin’s cybersecurity options may be a way to move toward a brighter future.


“Lightspin has gained momentum with significant customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Key customers include Imperva, Gett, and Rapyd,” Sandler said as quoted in VentureBeat coverage. “[Our main] competitors are Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint, and startups such as Wiz and Orca Security. But Lightspin uniquely enables security teams to maximize their productivity by significantly reducing the number of security alerts to only the critical ones and provides DevOps teams with quick and simple remediation in a form of infrastructure-as-code.”


For those interested in cybersec, this is one firm to watch.