Samsung innovates automatic vacuums




The smart home industry is a multibillion dollar market, and new innovations are springing up all the time, creating excitement in consumer audiences who want more convenient home care and property maintenance solutions.


Enter the Jet Bot AI+ robot, one of the newest creations from Samsung that debuts at this year’s CES.


With a stereotype 3D sensor and lidar linked to proprietary AI, the Jet Bot AI+ is able to bring a more nuanced view to whatever is cluttering up your floor.


Reportedly, the new vacuum will be able to avoid cables and other important infrastructure.


“The vacuum’s 3D sensor can scan wide areas and detect objects as small as one centimeter,” writes Mariella Moon at Engadget. “Meanwhile, the AI-powered object recognition technology can recognize appliances and furniture, as well as objects on the floor. The AI solution can classify electrical cables and pet excrements as dangerous and likely to cause contamination in order to avoid them, for instance. It also has decision-making capabilities that enable it to clean closely, say, around children’s toys and to stay a good distance away from fragile items like vases.”


The vacuum will be tied to a SmartThings app, so that you can sit on the couch and direct it from your phone. Retailing at around $1299, this is one of the top AI robot vacuums around.


Samsung isn’t the only company looking to triangulate around the smart home market. Other leading home vacuum manufacturers are also getting into the mix, sometimes setting their sights on particular global markets.


C. P. Singh at Newznew reports on the Trifo company and its plans for India, where an estimated 10,000 units sold last year, and the company expects growth of 2000% to 3000% in 2021.


Having filed over 100 patent applications in the course of designing its product line, Trifo wants to reach out to the massive number of Indian households that could use a home vacuuming robot.


If you have plays on lidar or augmented reality or anything else relevant to this type of technology, keep an eye on the home vacuum wars as a bellwether for what’s happening in this kind of assistive AI.