LawVu debuts legal SaaS with new funding


A company called LawVu is making waves in offering law firms new tools for the new century.

TechCrunch reports this morning that New Zealand based LawVu has secured a series A round with Insight Partners et. al. for $17 million in New Zealand dollars, or around $11.9 million USD. LawVu adds this to a $1.8 million seed round, in pursuing its plan to offer cloud solutions specifically built for in-house attorneys.

In the past, many of these types of offerings have been one of several different flavors of more general cloud technologies, rather than a standalone solution.

In addition, Catherine Shu at TechCrunch chronicles how many of the most common and popular dashboards used by in-house legal teams are, well, a little bit old-fashioned.

“In-house legal teams play a critical role in companies, but a lot of them don’t have the same kind of technology as their counterparts in sales or finance,” Shu writes. “Instead, they often rely on email, shared inboxes and spreadsheets.”

Then there’s the track record of LawVu head honchos undergirding this project: founders have experience in law, project management and software as a service, leading to a suite solution that can handle logistics around billing and other aspects of legal work.

Some are calling LawVu the “Salesforce of the legal world,” as Salesforce itself gets added to Gartner’s magic quadrant for the 15th year in a row.

What’s under the hood with the LawVu dashboard includes various tools for mining data that are useful in practical legal work.

“Typically as a business scales really fast, the legal team can be left behind with the capacity to only fight fires and no time to engage and add much needed strategic value,” co-founder Tim Boyne told TechCrunch. According to Shu’s reporting. “If you don’t have the data to back up the value and work you are doing, it becomes very hard to get more resources when needed, be this tech or people. LawVu workspace allows them to streamline their service, have information at their fingertips, deliver outcomes quickly, measure and demonstrate value, all freeing them up to truly become a valued member of the business leadership team.”

Look for LawVu to be a mover in this area of cloud services.