SuperGaming gets Series A in a hot market


In a major industry that’s rapidly growing within its national context, a particular Indian gaming company is getting attention today as it attempts to expand on a grand scale.

Prabhjeet Bhatla at reports a company called SuperGaming has secured $5.5 million in a Series A round meant to help the company to develop runway for significant scaling.

Right now, Bhatla reports, the company has 20 employees. Leaders want to grow the business tenfold in terms of staffing, as they work to develop a “large Battle Royale game” and other entertainment for users.

Super gaming, however, is competing in a wide field – with an estimated 750 million Internet users in India, regional gaming operators are raking in some money. The Indian gaming industry as a whole is estimated to be worth just over $4 billion by 2025, according to estimates by Mordor Intelligence.

“With one of the world’s largest youth populations, India is expected to become one of the world’s leading market destinations in the gaming industry,” analysts write. “The growth in the country is driven by the growing younger population, higher disposable incomes, the introduction of new gaming genres, and the rapidly increasing number of smartphone and tablet users.”

Much of this growth, as suggested above, will come from mobile games.

“Mobile users form an overwhelming 85% of the industry, followed by PC users at 11% and tablet users at 4%,” writes Rajan Navani for the World Economic Forum. “Internet penetration is 30%. Inc42 determined that the revenue of major Indian gaming and eSports companies was $68 million in 2019. Mobile gaming takes the largest chunk of the gaming market thanks to access to affordable smartphones growing at 15% year-on-year for the past five years in India, high-speed 4G internet penetration and the world’s lowest data tariffs…Together with the rise of mobile games, these factors feed into India’s youth having a growing appetite for content.”

Other significant categories include sports gaming and the type of large online multiplayer gaming that SuperGaming means to promote.

As one of the classical emerging markets in the BRIC category (Brazil, Russia, India and China,) India’s economic trends could have ramifications for your portfolio. Stay tuned.