NY mayor to receive salary in Bitcoin, wants crypto taught in schools




New York’s new mayor wants to have cryptocurrency taught in city schools.


Keira Wright at Cointelegraph reports on sentiments of incoming Mayor Eric Adams formerly a state senator, and suggests Adams has voiced enthusiasm for having crypto currency play more of a role in secondary education


“Speaking during a Sunday interview with CNN’s State of the Union, Adams described cryptocurrency as “a new way of paying for goods and services throughout the entire globe,” urging local schools to equip students for “the new way of thinking” brought about by blockchain technology and digital assets,” Wright reports today, showing some of the chronology of Adams’ BTC remarks during his political ascent.


After beating opponent Republican Curtis Slivak in the mayoral race, Adams has started to talk about a greater economic plan for the city.


He’s also been up front about his enthusiasm for crypto and bitcoin in particular


Specifically, Adams has announced he will be paid his first three paychecks in Bitcoin, in the midst of big industry expansions of crypto on-ramps on platforms like Paypal, and elsewhere.


All of that leads to a pretty prominent debate around the new mayor’s intentions.


Some think that it’s “shady” to “pump up” a cryptocurrency that will be featured as a payment medium for one’s own salary.


Others feel that accepting Bitcoin himself is showing leadership in embracing cryptocurrency, and see it as a natural action given the mayor’s belief in the future of Bitcoin.


Either way, there are arguments to be made that cryptocurrency education is important for today’s generation. In other words, cryptocurrency may or may not be what any given person says it is, but it’s nearly undeniable that blockchain technologies are playing a bigger role in today’s financial world, and many reasonable people looking toward the horizon expect that Bitcoin and other coins will continue to be significant parts of our economies in the years to come.