New Apple stuff touted in peek event March 8

Apple earnings

Apple is promising to come out with a lot of new information about devices and products next week on March 8.


The name of Apple’s planned event sounds cute, but doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense – they’re calling it, in a clever bit of phonetics, “peek performance.”


In this watershed moment, Apple is expected to unveil more than one biometric innovation – a facial recognition system, and a fingerprint reader.


Kif Leswing at CNBC reports there are also plans for a ‘midrange iPad’.


Then there’s the company’s new iOS 15.4.


Still, Apple may have more to offer in the fall.


“Apple’s spring device launches are less important to the company than its traditional fall events, which reveal pricier and more profitable high-end iPhone models ahead of the holiday shopping season,” Leswing writes. “Apple also holds an annual developer conference in June called WWDC, where it sometimes releases new hardware.”


Analysts are also expecting a low-priced 5G iPhone at a time when 5G is gathering critical mass around the country and around the world.


A new Deloitte study shows the current appetite for 5G service, and with municipalities rolling out facilities, we’re due to see a lot more of this new telecommunication standard sometime soon, notwithstanding the FAA’s recent objections and off-limits spots around airports.


“China, South Korea, and the US are leading the charge with 5G, and the total number of 5G connections globally is forecast to reach 1 billion this year and 2 billion by 2025, the report finds,” writes an unnamed reporter at TechInformed March 1. “By the end of 2025, the report forecasts that 5G will account for around a quarter of total mobile connections, and more than two in five people worldwide will live within reach of a 5G network.”

So if you have holdings in a company that’s betting on 5G, some conventional wisdom would be to stay the course and look for maturity in the years to come.