+13.5k in 45 Minutes of Day Trading INTS and VRME


Trading is not just about numbers and trends; it’s a game of rapid decisions and intuition honed through experience. In this post, I’ll take you through a recent trading session where split-second decisions led to locking in over $13,000 in profit from trades on INTS and VRME. I’ll remind you as always, trading is risky and my results are not typical.


The Fast-Moving World of Trading

My trading began when INTS caught my eye on the high of day momentum scanner. The stock was already on a rapid ascent, and my seasoned intuition kicked in. The catalyst behind INTS was positive data in patients with early-stage breast cancer, a headline that often triggers significant movements in biotech stocks. This initial trigger set the stage for what was to come.

The Art of Quick Assessment: INTS Trade

Upon spotting INTS on the scanner, I observed the rapid upward climb, confirming it as an “Algo Spike” – a telltale sign of algorithmic response to surging orders. I pressed the buy button, and the stock swiftly climbed. As it surged, I strategically added shares, resulting in a lucrative $13,500 profit.

Missing Opportunities: VRME Trade

While INTS soared, another stock, VRME, initially slipped under my radar due to family commitments. Despite the missed opportunity on VRME’s bounce off lows, the decision to refrain from trading due to a lack of favorable risk management demonstrated the importance of patience and disciplined strategy.

Analyzing Strategies and Market Dynamics

I shared insights into my trading strategies, emphasizing the significance of chart patterns like inverted head and shoulders and the importance of assessing level two data. Highlighting the significance of psychological price levels like whole and half dollars, I explained my approach to adding shares strategically during a stock’s upward climb.

Risk Management and Recovery

I delved into the critical aspect of risk management, showcasing the importance of cutting losses swiftly and setting a cap on red days to avoid excessive drawdowns. Detailing my recovery process after consecutive red days, I emphasized the gradual increase in share sizes to regain momentum and confidence.


Trading is a dynamic landscape where every decision counts. INTS and VRME trades exemplified the blend of quick decision-making, technical analysis, and disciplined risk management. Join me in navigating the intricate world of trading, where experience, intuition, and strategic moves can unlock remarkable opportunities.


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