Wrapping Up February with a Bang


What’s up trader’s, it’s Ross Cameron! As we close the chapter on February, I’m thrilled to share that it’s been a monumental month in my day trading journey. Not only did I wrap up the month with a significant green day, bringing a satisfying conclusion to February, but I also experienced one of the best trading stretches I’ve had in quite some time. I was able to finish today with a solid profit of about $15,000. And guess what? Most of that came together in just 30 minutes of trading! Let’s dive into today’s recap.

The Roller Coaster of Trading

Day trading is much like riding a roller coaster. Highs and lows are part of the daily routine. Just the day before the end of the month, I found myself navigating a $10,000 swing, clawing my way up from a $7,500 dip to finish $3,000 in the green. That’s the nature of this beast – volatile, unpredictable, but oh so rewarding when you get it right. These are the moments that make all the difference in day trading, the ones that can turn a good month into a great one.

Early Risers Catch the Gains

My last trading day of February began before the sun was up, thanks to my son’s early wake-up call. But as any dedicated trader knows, the early morning is prime time for day traders. It’s when you scan the market, gauge potential moves, and decide which stocks look interesting. On this particular morning, nothing on the scanner immediately looked good, especially with one of the top gapping stocks showing signs of a buyout and trading sideways – not ideal for day trading‘s quick moves.

The Trades That Made My Day

However, patience and persistence are key. As the morning progressed, I spotted SIDU, a stock showing promise on our Gap scanner. With a pre-market squeeze up to $5.50 to $8, followed by another uptick as the market approached opening, it was too tempting to ignore. The key indicator for me was its behavior around the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price). Stability here suggested it was ripe for a trade, and as its price started climbing, I jumped in.

SIDU wasn’t just the first trade of my day; it set the tone. Starting with an initial size of 3,000 shares, I scaled up to 9,000 as the stock climbed, eventually locking in a cool $3,600. That’s day trading done right – spotting the climb, riding the wave, and knowing when to cash out.

But the day’s star player was NRBO, presenting a golden opportunity with its announcement of approval for a phase 1 clinical trial. Recalling previous successes with similar news stories, I anticipated NRBO to make significant moves. Starting with a smaller position size of 1,000 shares at $6.50, I watched as it soared, incrementally adding to my position and ultimately netting a profit over $13,000. This is day trading in its essence: analyzing, anticipating, and acting swiftly.

The Importance of Knowing When to Step Back

Despite the day’s successes, it’s crucial to acknowledge the trades that don’t go as planned. RVSN and COCH were reminders of this, with losses that, while minor in the grand scheme, underscored the importance of risk management. I lost about $1000 between the two stocks. Even on a winning streak, not every trade will go your way. The key is to cut the losses early, learn from the experience, and move on.

Reflections on a Stellar Month

As I review the month and a fantastic final day, a few lessons stand out. The importance of being prepared, staying patient, and acting decisively has never been clearer. Day trading is not just about the thrill of the win; it’s about consistently applying strategies, learning from each day’s trades, and continuously improving. As we move into the next month, I carry with me not just the profits but the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Stay sharp, stay savvy, and let’s make the most of the trading days ahead.

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