My Small Account Trading Challenge


Hey everyone, Ross Cameron here, and recently, I began a small account challenge, as trading with a small account is something that’s very relatable to most beginner traders. Trading a small account is a journey filled with excitement, challenges, and invaluable lessons. I  put my decade-long trading experience to the test, and the goal was simple yet ambitious: to demonstrate the potential of trading with a small account. I’m excited to share that in just 20 trading days, I managed to turn a modest investment into over $16,000 of profit, a 16 times return on my initial deposit of $600. While such results are not typical and come with high risk, they highlight the incredible opportunities day trading offers. Let’s dive in and talk more about the challenge!

The Nuts and Bolts of My Trading Strategy

Day trading, especially with a small account, is not for the faint of heart. The first month, often the toughest, was where my strategy played a critical role. My approach is centered around momentum trading. This strategy involves identifying stocks on an upward trajectory and buying on slight pullbacks before selling for profit. It’s a game of “buy high, sell higher,” requiring keen attention to market dynamics.

When selecting stocks, there are a few crucial criteria I consider:

  • Stocks must be up at least 10% for the day.
  • They should exhibit high relative volume compared to their average.
  • A strong news catalyst is often the momentum driver.
  • I prefer stocks priced under $20, ideally with a float under 10 million shares.

These criteria help me identify high-potential stocks and mitigate risk, as trading inherently comes with its share of dangers.

Risk Management: The Make or Break

Managing risk is the backbone of successful day trading, especially in a small account where there’s little room for error. The “breakout or bailout” philosophy is my mantra. Before diving into any trade, I thoroughly analyze both daily and intraday charts, searching for historical resistance levels and assessing the stock’s momentum. This approach enables me to avoid the pitfalls of emotional trading, emphasizing the importance of walking away when the market doesn’t align with my strategy. It’s all about discipline and not letting a single bad trade wipe out your progress.

Trading Psychology: Staying Grounded

Day trading tests not only your strategic thinking but also your emotional resilience. The discipline to walk away when necessary, to accept losses as part of the game, and to consistently execute your strategy without succumbing to greed or fear is what separates successful traders from the rest. Trading with a small account amplifies these psychological challenges, making it imperative to maintain a level head and a steadfast commitment to your trading plan.

The Journey of Growth

Reflecting on the first month of the challenge, the progression from $600 to over $16,000 is a testament to the power of a disciplined, strategic approach to day trading. Each day was about consistent “base hits” rather than swinging for the fences. I focused on making incremental profits, which compounded over time. My journey was marked by a high accuracy rate and a favorable profit to loss ratio, underscoring the effectiveness of my trading criteria and risk management strategy.

Lessons for Aspiring Day Traders

For those looking to dive into day trading, my experience offers several key takeaways. First, mastering one strategy can be immensely rewarding. Dabbling in various techniques without a clear focus is a common pitfall for beginners. Second, learning from seasoned traders can accelerate your growth. While the desire to chart your own path is understandable, leveraging the wisdom and strategies of experienced traders can save you time, money, and frustration.

Finally, practice is non-negotiable. Utilizing trading simulators, engaging with educational content, and steadily building your knowledge base are vital steps in transitioning from theory to successful real-world trading.

Final Thoughts

Day trading with a small account is a powerful way to hone your skills. While the path is fraught with risks and challenges, approaching trading with discipline, a solid strategy, and an understanding of market psychology has lead to rewarding outcomes for me. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, remember that success in day trading is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay focused, stay disciplined, and embrace the journey. Happy trading!

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