Reports of Amazon’s H2Q to be in Northern Virginia


According to the Washington Post, a small town in Northern Virginia called Crystal City is the front runner for Amazon’s second headquarters.

This is a big deal because Amazon brings a huge economic impact to wherever it goes and cities have been fighting to try and persuade them to open in their town.

In fact, Amazon basically let cities bid for their business by seeing who would offer the best incentives if they opened up shop in their city with huge tax benefits being the most popular incentive.

In a note, research company Stifel stated:

“Although we have no direct knowledge, we are beginning to think the Crystal City sub market may ultimately be the location of the Amazon core retail and logistics enterprise,” the note said. “[W]e noticed recently that of the top 25 cyber security companies headquartered in the Washington D.C. area, 25 are in Northern Virginia.”

This is a big decision for Amazon and Jeff Bezos so we will have to wait and see where they decide to open their second headquarters.