Black Friday Online Sales Hit Record High

black friday

Online sales hit a record high on Black Friday ushering in a new and improved way to take advantage of those Black Friday deals.

Bringing in over six billion dollars this year, Black Friday massively increased online sales over last year’s numbers. In fact, there was a twenty-three percent increase from last year’s earnings which added up to just a little over five billion dollars.

According to Adobe Analytics, their report proves that many consumers are choosing to stay at home to shop online deals instead of having to wait in lines for hours just to brave shopping in overly crowded stores and malls. Not only that, but chaos and violence are not unknown on Black Fridays.

This year was no different than previous years with numerous violent incidents being reported.Staying at home is not only safer, but you can shop several stores at once instead of trying to decide on just one, and you don’t have to fight anyone for the last TV.

It was also reported by Adobe Analytics that retailers have done their part contributing to better mobile services and experiences, enticing consumers to take advantage of easy shopping with massive mobile deals via their smartphones.

According to the report, retailers taking advantage of their mobile presence resulted in a ten percent increase in smartphone shoppers compared to last year. The fact that sales stemming from smartphones hit a historic mark of making in excess of two billion dollars is proof that buying online has become a popular option.

Data showed that online shoppers purchased everything from flat-screen TVs to clothing to appliances and furniture. This may just be the beginning of a new huge Black Friday shopping trend. After all,with online sales hitting an all-time high, Black Friday became the fastest growing day in the history of e-commerce sales.

Cyber Monday is expected to hit record numbers as well with predictions over the seven and a half billion mark in sales. As more and more consumers realize how much easier -and safer- it is to shop Black Friday online while still getting the same great deals as before, there will be less and less standing in lines at actual stores.