Blockchain Summit Dubai Highlights Peak of Crypto Interest in the UAE

blockchain and cryptocurrency

It’s finally the big day! – a brand-new fintech-oriented convention in the Middle East will explore blockchain and cryptocurrency possibilities over the next 24 hours.

The crypto press is talking about Blockchain Summit Dubai, which brings together a diverse range of networking professionals with 60 speakers and the involvement of tech leaders like IBM and Cisco.

Previous meetings in London, Frankfurt and Singapore have burnished this conference’s brand as a great place to learn about what’s happening in the crypto currency world.

So what’s on tap for this “burning man of fintech?”

“Amid unparalleled networking opportunities, attendees will have access to visionary speakers and case-study led content. Hear from inspirational keynotes and thought-provoking panel discussions from key players redefining the boundaries for technology,” reads the event FAQ page showing what leaders have planned.

Attendees will enjoy Q&A sessions, workshops and lectures including “working with smart contracts”, “increasing investment potential in Dubai” and “the future of ICOs.”

Speakers will include Roula Zahar of the Dubai Real Estate Corporation and Herve Françoise of ING, where a lot of banking work has been done around proof of concept for blockchain, as well as a host of others including Jameel Khan, Kumar Prasoon, Celine Moille, and others.

Some speakers like Anthony Butler of IBM, Anoop Nannra of Cisco and Thrasos Thrasyvoulou of Oracle represent major industry leaders – others have specific experience managing startups or running desks for established companies related to Bitcoin progress.

In addition, companies including Oracle, SAP, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Fusion and others will be exhibiting at the event, showcasing the latest innovations in blockchain.

It’s a way to listen, network and view some of the big advances in the cryptocurrency world as related to a growing economic hub. Both UAE and Saudi Arabia have been aggressive in reforming their economies and getting out in front of the blockchain and cryptocurrency boom, innovating on par with developed nations around the world.

The Blockchain Summit Dubai convention is a result of this, and an indicator that business and government heads there are serious about integrating digital technology into their financial world. This will, in the end, move markets – even though Bitcoin is undoubtedly suffering right now, more activity around digital banking in general is giving buy and hold investors hope that there are brighter horizons around the corner.