Tesla Model S Police Car To Hit The Road, Will Save Thousands In Gas

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Police officers in Fremont, California will soon be patrolling the streets using the Tesla Model S 85 that is expected to replace the aging Dodge Charger. The idea is to find a new type of electric vehicle that will cut greenhouse gases by 25 percent by 2020 and survive 5 years of active duty.

A statement released by the Fremont Police Department on Wednesday read, “the Tesla is the only electric vehicle that met specifications for size, performance, battery range, and safety, all required for a fully deployable patrol vehicle. Tesla electric vehicles are manufactured locally in Fremont.”

The department plans to roll out a pilot program aimed at testing the Model S electric car that will be customized for patrol operations in line with the goal that the city of Fremont set to cut emissions. Fremont cops also hope to save huge amount of gasoline and maintenance costs by using the vehicle, though it might have been more expensive than the Dodge Charger.

However, Model S 85 starts at $61,000 and the department will also incur addition costs of customizing it into a fully-fledged police cruiser. The vehicle will be given a set of modifications that include ballistic barriers, a light bar, and a push bumper.

Fremont is not the first police department to use Tesla Model S for patrol. Other police departments around the world are also adopting the Elon Musk’s electric vehicles. The Denver Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department have also added the vehicles to their rosters.

In Europe, Luxembourg police said they will outfit Tesla Model S for patrol operations, while Scotland Yard is considering the model for police and emergency use. That goes to show that Tesla Model S and other electric vehicles may soon become viable alternatives for traditional police cars.

Shares of Tesla were up $2.87, or 1.00% to change hands at $290.46 as of 3:05 p.m. on Thursday.

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