Ohio State Auditors Eying Blockchain


The state of Ohio keeps making headlines for its forays into the use of cryptocurrencies (mostly Bitcoin) to enhance state systems.

This week, it’s news that the County Auditors Association of Ohio is forming a working group to consider blockchain for handling property deed transactions.

A blockchain startup called Safe Chain is serving as the technical advisor for the project, according to a February 20 press release.

Eleven Ohio counties are participating including Delaware, Franklin, Henry, Montgomery, Perry, Union, Washington and Wayne counties.

Last year, we saw numerous big ticket moments in Ohio’s move toward wider blockchain adoption, such as the state’s announcement that it was going to start accepting some taxes in Bitcoin. Accelerators within the state are helping to support blockchain startups, and state treasurer Josh Mandel has gone on record saying the state is trying to attract startups with some of its coin-riendly policies.

As the CAAO prepares this week to get more involved in surveying the cryptocurrency world, officials are excited about the possibilities.

“We have a committed group … to enhance technology and improve government operations to the benefit of the taxpayer,” CAAO chair Matt Nolan told reporters according to a recent press statement. “CAAO has set an extremely high standard for getting involved in technology projects due to the need to recognize its members’ diverse needs; this makes the formation of this working group particularly noteworthy.”

Other Bitcoin-friendly states include Nevada and Washington, where legislators are moving on Bitcoin regulations, as well as Illinois, where some state leaders have pledged to promote blockchain development.

Also, in looking at blockchain adoption, it’s wise not to overlook California – the biggest U.S. state economy and a trendsetter when it comes to technology and blockchain advancements.

These state moves are important because they show what the blockchain landscape is going to look like in America in the years to come. As we’ve mentioned before, people are already calling 2019 “the year of the blockchain” and you can see these types of projects emerging as concrete indicators that the cryptocurrency segment is growing.

All of that can inform your cryptocurrency trading regimen regardless of what prices Bitcoin and Ethereum are trading at right now.