Top 4 Best Money Saving Apps For 2019

best money saving apps

Best Money Saving Apps

Saving money is a crucial element in anyone’s personal finances, but what’s the best way to save money and how can you get started?

We value the importance of saving money so we highlighted some of the best money saving apps just for you!

Importance of saving money

If your earnings are not much, and you’re lagging behind in paying your bills, the concept of saving money may appear absurd.

On the other hand, if you can pay for everything you require, you might wonder why you should be concerned about saving. Nonetheless, putting aside some of your earnings can prove worthwhile, sooner or later.

If you are enlightened on why saving serves a crucial function in your life, you can begin or continue saving willingly. Below are some top insights that reveal the significance of saving money:

  • Stress-free retirement

The earlier you begin saving for your retirement, the less you’ll have to set aside as savings in the future. Besides that, savings are fundamental in maintaining your lifestyle when you’ll no longer receive your salary every month. It is imperative to be well-versed with the different retirement plans and settle for what works for you.

  • Emergency cushion

A Bankrate survey disclosed that among American adults, nearly two-thirds of them indicated that they could not cater to the value of 6 months’ expenditures with their savings. Since the future is filled with uncertainties, saving before an emergency (the loss of a job, an accident, or a vehicle repair) occurs can help alleviate the stress.

  • Stretched out options

You can have the upper hand in controlling your destiny through saving. For instance, if your job becomes nerve-racking, you can quit – even though you have not landed a new one yet.

If your neighborhood is unsafe, your savings can help you move to a serene setting. When you know that you have various alternatives as a result of the money you’ve invested, you have peace of mind.

How to save money

Often, the daunting challenge about investing is getting started. Below are several tips that can make this seemingly difficult concept easier and fulfilling:

  • Account for your expenses

Record how much you spend and keep track of all expenditure. Many people are shocked when they find out that, on a monthly basis, they spend excessive amounts at the grocery store. In that light, you can save money by planning your meals weekly and note down your existing supplies and what you need before you go to the store.

  • Budget!

When it comes to saving, you will often come across the need to draw up a workable budget. In so doing, you can find out where to reduce your spending and the channels you can utilize to acquire extra cash to save.

Bonus tip: Your budget should delineate how your expenditure measures up to your income.

You can also consider following the 50/30/20 rule that is recommended for smart management of money through allocating your income in the following ways:

  • 50% – to necessities
  • 30% – to wants
  • 20% – to savings
  • Have a goal

Among the best ways to set aside your earnings is through selecting something that you’d like to save for, such as a vacation, a wedding, or retirement. Having short-term and long-term goals is also vital. Contemplating how much money you need for either goal can reveal the duration and amount required.

Bottom Line: Budgeting is acknowledged to be a leading factor in savings.

In view of the insights above, it is essential to note that apps can help you a great deal in saving. They are creatively designed to serve unique needs that are matched to distinct people. By having adequate knowledge of these current innovations, your journey into saving can be seamless.

Best money saving apps

Here are the top 4 apps for saving money worth your review:


Mint app by Intuit’s is probably one of the most popular finance apps. This can be attributed to the number of loaded features that offer insights on an individual’s saving and spending patterns.

In addition, this app has features that allow users to track their bills as well as account balances to ensure they do not miss payments. It also calculates average spending by categories and provides tools that give an overview of the impact that spending decisions have on money left monthly or annually.

Mint offers users a free credit score and notifies them when they go over budget. Its online version allows users to manage their finances with ease, at any time and place.


This investing app rounds up user purchases to the nearest dollar and immediately adds the difference to the Acorns account. After that, the money is invested in a portfolio on the basis of user goal investment timeline, assets and income.

The user then earns a return on investment. These micro-invest sums form part of a portfolio that ranges from aggressive (having a higher stock percentage) to conservative (having a higher bond percentage).


This mobile banking app is a fully-featured bank account. By using this app, users get a debit card and Chime checking account as well as an optional savings account. Chime is a free app – there are no overdraft fees, monthly costs, or foreign transaction charges as opposed to traditional banks.

Chime makes it possible for users to prioritize saving, for instance, deducting 10% from their paychecks and stowing it away into their savings account. Users can then access their paycheck up to two days prior with direct deposits.

They can also choose to round up purchases made through this app to the nearest dollar and send those amounts to their saving accounts.


Qapital allows users to set rules to automate savings. For instance, every time they spend money, Qapital rounds up the total to the nearest dollar and moves the amount into an account. This goal account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

In addition, it allows users to contribute a lump sum to their fund on a regular basis. An outside checking account is required to link to Qapital and is aimed at funding various goals. It takes one to two business days to withdraw money from this account.

Happy saving!