Domino’s launches Bitcoin contest in France

Domino's Pizza

One of the newest prominent Bitcoin consumer events comes from a rather unusual source – Domino’s Pizza in France.

For Americans, it’s kind of an incongruence picture. Associating the high-cuisine European country with a mass-manufactured pizza chain seems counterintuitive, but Dominoes actually has a significant presence in the land of coq au vin and boef bourgignon, with nearly 400 stores currently dotting the French landscape.

To put that in perspective, Domino’s has over 5,000 stores in the U.S., and over 1000 stores in the UK and Ireland, so France isn’t one of the chain’s biggest markets. However, fun facts presented at Domino’s online show that over half of all sales now come from outside of the U.S., and European markets are significant, in addition to hundreds of stores “down under” in Australia, up north in Canada, down south in Mexico, and even in the island nation of Japan.

The Domino’s Bitcoin contest, with a prize of $110,000 in Bitcoin/Euro, is active from September 4 to October 6 and represents the 30th anniversary of Domino’s incursion into France, according to reporting at Cointelegraph. 

Participants can get involved with each pizza order, and the eventual reward will rely on the exchange rate for Bitcoin with the Euro in the European Union.

The BTC contest builds on other key Domino’s innovations, like the chain’s fleet of self-driving pizza delivery cars with their own warming ovens. The move also represents another key example of “Bitcoin gamification” which is going to springboard the digital currency into tomorrow’s wallets.

In other words, consumers tend not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and although many may be reluctant to shell out their own cash for Bitcoin, holding corporate contests like this one is a powerful way for firms to inject BTC into the market.