Bitcoin emoji comes to Twitter

Bitcoin emoji


One of the things that Bitcoin enthusiasts are most excited about this morning does not have to do with Bitcoin values.


At least, not directly.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that he’s adding a Bitcoin emoji symbol to the platform that will automatically be linked to certain Bitcoin hashtags.


Dorsey has also submitted information to Unicode in order to facilitate the use of the Bitcoin emoji across different platforms.


“Unicode has supported the bitcoin symbol as one of its currency signs since 2017,” writes Paddy Baker at Coindesk. “But there is currently no emoji version, meaning the symbol only appears as a black and white glyph, and not in the orange it is frequently portrayed in. Twitter charges companies up to $1 million for them to add a branded emoji or symbol after a designated hashtag to help differentiate their branding from that of their competitors, helping to create a buzz amongst consumers.”

Over at Reddit, users are weighing in on the change.


“Trends rule the world,” writes mackshaker. “If #Bitcoin becomes a trend, everyone will know about it and this will make the coin more known to everyone. I really want it.”


Some are asking about the origins of the idea:


“Does anybody know if this was a paid hashtag by a corporation like Binance or if it was implemented by Jack?” writes samcornwell.


Meanwhile, Bitcoin stays steady at above $9300 as of press time. That’s relatively close to the psychological $10K point that will create another Sonic Boom for Bitcoin bulls – on the other hand, a move under $9000 could have some short-term traders giving way. Stay tuned.