New iPhone coming soon: Oct. 13 reveal planned

Apple iPhone

The long-awaited new Apple iPhone is almost ready to be unveiled.

Apple has set a date of October 13 with a presentation streaming on the company’s website at 10 AM.

A day before this debut we don’t know the name of the phone, (although it has been “dubbed the iPhone 12 by analysts” according to Reuters) or much about its visual design, but we do know a few things; for instance, iPhone fans are excited about the phone’s OLED display and A14 chipset, as well as a design that Apple calls “iPad inspired” – although whether that means a bigger screen or different controls, or something else, has yet to be determined.

We also know that the new Apple iPhone will be built for 5G networks.

The new 5G telecom designation supports vastly more rapid speeds than what’s currently possible with 4G, partly through using different frequencies, and requiring more specialized networking equipment for short runs.

The catch, though, with the new iPhone, is that today’s carrier networks aren’t delivering 5G speed yet, which has led some analysts to compare the new iPhone to a sports car that can only go 50 miles an hour because of limited road construction.

“(It’s) like having a Ferrari … but using it in your local village and you can’t drive to up to 200 miles per hour, simply because the roads cannot maintain those speeds,” says Boris Metodiev, associate director of research firm Strategy Analytics, as quoted by Reuters.

Whatever it is, the new iPhone is likely to be popular. Ian Sherr and Shara Tibken at Cnet cite a survey by ecommerce firm Decluttr that shows 53% of respondents plan to buy this new iPhone,

“Apple’s fall product launch this year is expected to touch off a wave of upgrade purchases, analysts say, with fans eyeing the iPhone’s rumored new 5G capabilities and boxier look, similar to that of the iPad Pro,” Sherr and Tibken write.

Look for the new gizmo on the street sometime soon.