Gaming startup gets funding for backend game tools


In an interesting example of code abstraction services, a new startup has just secured money to evolve a set of backend tools for video game makers.


Thomas Wilde reports at GeekWire that a company called AccelByte wants to create scalable architecture and a back end dev service for the creation of a new generation of games, and what makers describe as a plug-and-play design accommodating the general principle of gaming-as-a-service.


“The Series A round was led by the New York-based VC firm Galaxy Interactive, with additional funding from the Hangzhou-based NetEase, which publishes many mobile games for the Chinese market; the South Korean firm KRAFTON, publisher/developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; and Dreamhaven, which was launched late last year in Irvine, Calif., by departing Blizzard CEO/co-founder Mike Morhaime,” Wilde writes. “AccelByte’s current development partners include Deep Silver Volition, Bandai Namco, Gearbox, Remedy, Versus Evil, and Seattle’s Stray Bombay, which plans to launch its debut title The Anacrusis later this year.”

In general, this type of mission is part of a broader sea change toward low-code and no-code design services that take the hard programming out of corporate projects.


Much like the website editor application of the early Internet, new no-code systems are providing an engine that absolves developers of the responsibility to hand code their creations. Instead, they can use pre-existing programming modules to cobble together what they have designed and imagined.


“(No-code tools) offer endless possibilities to build any kind of applications based on business needs,” write spokespersons at Quixy, a firm involved in this type of innovation. “All you need is an idea and with the right no-code platform, you can implement it in minutes and hours. No-code apps help organizations think of digital experiences as processes that do what a manual and repetitive process cannot. For instance real-time reports and dashboards with no-code permits managers to address and resolve problems before they become critical.”

Look for these kinds of solutions to explode on tomorrow’s tech market.