The Ultimate Day Trading Reading List


What’s up everyone, it’s Ross Cameron! I’ve spent years in the trenches of day trading, learning from thousands of wins and losses that have shaped me into the successful trader that I am. Throughout my journey, a select few books have stood out as cornerstones, guiding me and providing me a foundation to build on. They have shaped my approach to the market and helped me hone my trading discipline. From the foundational texts that introduced me to the mechanics of the market to the latest insights on behavioral finance, here’s a rundown of the books that have profoundly impacted my career in day trading.

Starting with the Basics: “The Candlestick Course” by Steve Niss

My day trading voyage began with “The Candlestick Course.” At a time when YouTube tutorials on trading were scarce, this book served as my primer on deciphering how to navigate candlestick charts. Candlestick patterns are the alphabet of the trading language, and understanding them is mandatory for day traders. This book walks you through not just the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ behind candlestick formations, offering quizzes to ensure you’re keeping pace. Even though it felt like a steep price at $75, the foundational knowledge it provided was priceless. However, it also taught me that the real challenge isn’t just identifying patterns; it’s predicting what comes next, a skill that comes with experience and intuition.

Cultivating Discipline: “Trade Mindfully” by Gary Dayton

Early on, my greatest adversary wasn’t the volatile market; it was my own impulsive reactions to it. Gary Dayton’s “Trade Mindfully” became a beacon of hope. It delved into the psychological tempests traders face: emotion-driven decisions, the spiral of losses, and the grueling quest for self-control. This book wasn’t just a read; it was a mirror reflecting the turbulent emotions I grappled with, guiding me towards a more disciplined, mindful approach to trading.

Exploring Investment Wisdom: “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham

Transitioning from tactical trades to understanding the broader market ethos, “The Intelligent Investor” was a pivot in my learning curve. Benjamin Graham’s classic offered a peek into the mindset of long-term investing. It bridged my gap between the rapid-fire decisions of day trading and the measured, patient strategy of investment giants. While my heart remained with day trading, this book broadened my perspective, revealing the importance of a holistic grasp of market dynamics.

Embracing a Positive Outlook: “The Happiness Advantage” by Sean Achor

Amid the high stakes and pressures of day trading, it’s easy to succumb to negativity and stress. Sean Achor’s “The Happiness Advantage” was a breath of fresh air, emphasizing the power of a positive mindset. This book didn’t offer a secret formula to wealth but underscored how optimism can fuel success, encouraging a healthier, more balanced approach to both trading and life.

Navigating Market Mechanics: “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis

A deep dive into the complexities of electronic trading, “Flash Boys” opened my eyes to the intricacies of the market’s digital evolution. Michael Lewis’s exposé on high-frequency trading and market manipulation was both enlightening and disconcerting. It underscored the importance of staying informed and adaptable, as the markets are continually reshaped by technology and regulation.

Reflecting on My Journey: How to Day Trade the Plain Truth

Writing How to Day Trade the Plain Truth was a way of chronicling my journey and the lessons I’ve learned. It’s an honest take on the highs and lows of day trading, intended to offer a practical roadmap for those starting out.

From Theory to Practice: “Quit” by Annie Duke

The most recent addition to my trading library, “Quit” by Annie Duke, revolutionized my approach to decision-making. This book, rooted in Duke’s expertise in poker, illuminated the significance of knowing when to fold. In trading, as in poker, the wisdom to walk away is as crucial as the boldness to act. This book refined my exit strategy, teaching me that sometimes the best move is to step back and conserve resources for a more opportune moment.

Reflecting on the Journey

Each of these books introduced new strategies, perspectives, and disciplines that have been instrumental for me in navigating the volatile waters of day trading. I continue to draw inspiration and insight from the works that have shaped my approach to the market.

For anyone seriously looking to become a successful day trading, I encourage you to explore these books. They offer not just strategies and insights but comfort  in knowing that the challenges you face have been encountered and overcome by many before you. Remember, in day trading, knowledge is more than power—it’s your lifeline. Happy trading!

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