S&P 500, DJIA Nearing Historical High Water Marks

Highrise buildings in Wall Street financial district, New York City

Things look green today from a market perspective – both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones industrial average are up to month-long , although they’re still down over a six-month period.

As of today, the S&P 500 has climbed up close to $2800 where highs early last fall only reached $2900 and all-time highs are still under $3000.

As for the Dow, it’s now nearing $26,000, which is more or less the peak all-time high for that index as well.

After quite a few stumbles, are we about to return to all-time high territories?

That depends on a number of things, but it perhaps depends most on American executive activity.

With federal interest rate news behind us for now, investors are looking at US/China trade relations.

“Benchmarks closed in the green on Friday, buoyed by positive developments on the U.S. – China trade war front,” Zacks analysts wrote today. “China vowed to make efforts to boost U.S. exports to the country. Meanwhile, Trump declared a national emergency over funding for his border wall along America’s southern border with Mexico. For the week, however, the three major benchmarks ended in the positive territory.”

If the “wall” controversy and residual shutdown fears have any market impact, that may hold the indices back, but otherwise we may well see rallies related to the axiom that :”no news is good news.”

Or markets could take a cue from emerging reports like the NAHB Housing Market Index.

For more of a cautionary outlook, Business Insider has some sobering items in its “10 things to know before the bell,” including slumping auto sales and the closure of a Japanese Honda plant in the U.S.

Monitor the indices throughout the market day to see if Americans are due to experience uncharted market highs this week.