Tesla V3 Supercharger speeds up recharging for Tesla owners


Tesla stock is up over 1% today as the company unveils a new charging design called the V3 Supercharger.

Tesla V3 Supercharger

With a peak charging rate of 250 kW, the V3 Supercharger can reportedly add 100 miles of range in 15 minutes to a Model 3 Long Range Tesla, which is the only vehicle that can currently charge at the top rate (other models may only be able to charge at up to 200 kW.)

The new charging model complements the sale of those Model 3 vehicles, which Tesla names as its best-selling vehicle to date.

It also adds to the landscape of available charging stations in communities where Tesla owners look for convenient power-ups.

Tesla says the V3 Supercharger is an “architecture shift” with a new liquid-cooled cable design (the V2 used air-cooling) and other compelling hardware innovations.

Tesla Stock

All of that has led to Tesla’s stock inching up 1.28% today, where Tesla appears up six points over five days, and nears 10% gains for one month – after plummeting down to a low of around $178 in June, the stock has been climbing steadily.

News of the V3 Supercharger also shows how Tesla range has been extended. In 2010, reports on the premier Tesla model showed ranges of around 220 miles – now the Tesla Model S 100 D provides an estimated 514 miles on a charge.

With the much greater ranges, the V3 Supercharger can help accomplish efficiencies for Tesla owners that will get them to their destinations quicker. Greater pioneering on range and charges, along with the development of greener forms of electricity, will lead to a wide-ranging sea change toward electic vehicle adoption, according to many experts.

Keep an eye on this mega green car company as it continues to innovate in the electric automobile space.