Pompliano pumps BTC in interview, cites market volatility, halving, and more

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, known fondly in the crypto community as ‘The Pomp,’ is back in the news with an August 20 interview showing some of his enthusiasm for Bitcoin futures as BTC pokes its head under the $10K mark.

Two things Pompliano points out as drivers stand out in recent news: one is high hash rates and related consumer interest, where general piling on has been driving Bitcoin value higher.

However, there’s also a new approval for the Bakkt platform that will provide physically settled Bitcoin futures through Intercontinental Exchange, an NYSE participant. For months now, we’ve been hearing vague things from power crypto couple Kelly Loeffler and Jeff Schprecher, but now with an official launch timeline, Bakkt is promising to get more investors involved, as crypto fans are still waiting for what could be another powerful on-ramp: an eventual SEC approval of a Bitcoin exchange traded fund.

Excessive regulation, Pompliano said, could be a barrier, but in general, he’s sticking with his prediction of $100,000 per bitcoin, also looking forward to the halving of BTC mining rewards next May.

Putting his full weight into endorsing Bitcoin, Pompliano advises investing up to 50% of someone’s portfolio holdings in Bitcoin itself, according to the newest Cointelegraph report, offering other extras that could sevre to drive BTC higher.

“He also cited the growing legitimization of the crypto space, inflows of institutional capital, record trading volumes, and a climate of global instability that promotes recognition of Bitcoin as a safe haven asset,” wrote Marie Huillet in Cointelegraph today.

Pompliano isn’t the only one speaking out in favor of BTC – there’s such figures as John McAfee, Michael Novogratz, and Jack Dorsey, as well as the Winklevoss twins, all making headlines talking about crypto potential. But Pompliano is one whose voice often gets heard in the din. Look for future BTC values to crest 10K again.