SiNtx rockets higher on patent news, can it hold the gains though?


It might sound pretty wonky at first glance, but an update to the SiNtx company’s patent collection is having a significant effect on SINT stock, which is up an impressive 27% pre-market today.

Premarket trading sees the stock as high as $1.76 up from a previous close of $1.38.

A press release this morning shows that the OEM ceramics company has filed a new patent called “Methods of Surface Functionalization of Zirconia-Toughened Alumina with Silicon Nitride.”

“This innovation expands the scope of our technology yet further, by enabling the surface transformation of zirconia-toughened alumina (ZTA), a material widely used in hip replacements worldwide,” said Dr. Sonny Bal, Chairman of SINTX Technologies in a press statement. “ZTA has proven durability as a weight-bearing implant for decades, but its surface chemistry precludes bone healing. … A parallel project is targeting similar surface treatment of orthopaedic titanium alloy as well, in order to add the osteointegrative and antibacterial properties of silicon nitride to that widely-used material. These technologies … will expand the range of opportunities for SINTX.”

This use of zirconia toughened alumina has some potential for innovating hip replacement prosthetics, according to new science showing how formulation of these devices can improve the market.

In addition, SiNtx maintains a patent on the antiviral properties of silicon nitride based on groundbreaking science into how to structure various healthcare products.

Today the higher pre-market values bring SINT stock back to its values at the beginning of August – in fact, if the company keeps its pre-market edge, the share price will be right around its value month-to-month where SINT sat at $1.88 August 9.

Looking further back, the stock has devalued significantly over the last six months, from a high of around $7.15. Here’s a report from a previous rally point August 15.

“SINTX Technologies (SINT) stock is up more than 37% Thursday. SINT stock has fallen -80.71% over the last 12 months,” wrote analysts at Investors Observer, “and the average rating from Wall Street analysts is aHold.”

At that time, as we can see now, the stock was on its way down. Is it on it’s way up now? Stay tuned.