Winklevoss on BTC today: It’ll get big


 With Bitcoin wallowing down in the $6600 territory, Cameron Winklevoss has something to say about the coin’s future.


Tweeting over the weekend, the one half of Winklevoss is calling for more hodling in order to serve a future increase in Bitcoin price that’s based on the nature of our global economy.


Cameron W. notes that Bitcoin was “born out of a financial crisis” and that it’s volatility like we’re now seeing in equities markets that can bring BTC value back up to soar with the eagles.


Oil price changes are noted as an inflection point, where even new OPEC agreements may not be enough to rally the commodity.


Here’s one such Twitter missive:


“This pandemic will be an inflection point for Bitcoin and the Metaverse,” Cameron tweeted within the last 48 hours.


In more the same day, Cameron quotes Dylan, expressing skepticism on tech ethics (or, in Judge’s Silicon Valley world, “tethics”):


“Big Tech is now going to help collect virus data on folks…what could go wrong?” the BTC magnate tweeted. “Up until recently Big Tech was being excoriated for privacy abuses. Now some are literally considering handing over their health information. The times they are a-changin’…”


And, Dylan might say, ‘a hard rain’s gonna fall….’


By contrast, this is what Tyler has been up to on Twitter:


“9/11 forever changed commercial air travel. This pandemic will forever change international borders.” Tyler tweeted today, also invoking the idea that a lonely man, in tomorrow’s tech universe, may be able to fall for a computer version of Scarlett Johansen. “Remember the movie ‘Her’? It’s here!”


The times are most definitely “a-changin’,” including global markets. Is Bitcoin a safe harbor? What about altcoins? This is for every individual trader to decide for himself or herself, but looking at things like Bitcoin hash rates, the quickly approaching miner reward halving event and other indicators, some, like Cameron Winklevoss, are heading for the buy button.