Vanguard EC analysts urge Europe to move on 5G


Officials in the European Union are suggesting EU member nations need to ‘get with it’ in preparing for new 5G networks, to enhance IT services and increase broadband capabilities across the continent.

New reports today show Brussels (EC) talking about how EU nations can implement best practices for 5G with goals including cutting costs and increasing speed.

Reports also mention the importance of “timely access to the 5G spectrum.”

The key innovation of 5G connectivity is bringing different types of radio frequencies to wireless transmission. That requires ongoing analysis of spectrum use and efficiency, with different hardware in play as well. Experts talk about how 5G is best served by networks of short distance local devices transmitting from the more conventional tower setups that have served 4G so well.

An Ericsson report shows how Europe is beyond behind some other areas of the world in broadband, and suggests that part of the challenge is getting good connectivity to rural and remote areas.

“There is mixed debate in Europe about whether the 4G lag matters in terms of lost consumer or producer welfare that may have otherwise materialized,” write study authors. “But the 4G leaders in North America and North East Asia are unequivocal on the first mover benefits their citizens and economies have reaped. It’s no wonder then that they are hell-bent on staying ahead in the 5G race, as the prize is substantially greater.”

The report also talks about the “cybersecurity toolbox” that is part of 5G preparation, concluding:

“If the recommendations above can quickly move off the page and into action, then the continent has a fighting chance of racing back into contention.”

In the U.S., 5G preparation is also in an objective.

U.S. officials are seeing some pushback from citizens, though, about more safety testing for 5G, while some types of broadband improvements are limited by a corporate delivery system that moves at its own pace.

Investors can note the ongoing efforts toward 5G adoption in various countries in order to optimize their portfolios and anticipate how these evolutions will change markets.