MVIS gets welcomed into Russell index


A company called MicroVision is one of the newest stocks to be added to what you might call the “U.S. equity Hall of Fame.” Or you could call it the Russell index.


One of today’s biggest headlines is the addition of this stock to the Russell 2000 index, which tracks some of the biggest promising firms on the market.


MicroVision (MVIS) is a company that innovates MEMS and scanning technologies for augmented reality and other uses. Many believe MVIS technologies will help to power the next generation of smart vehicles, and some think that its lidar and other developments have direct smart home applications as well. There’s also news of a collaboration with Ford that has led to increased investor interest in the stock.


This morning MVIS move up about a point and a quarter from $21.25 to $22.50 premarket.


MicroVision also has the distinction of being part of a movement in ‘meme stocks,’ where long-term holders called “apes” pile onto particular equities, believing that believing that they have long-term gain potential.


However, that’s only part of the philosophy. By embracing old-school, long-term buy-and-hold trading strategies, these investors are setting themselves apart from the bevy of new high-tech hedge fund traders using things like high-frequency trading, dark pools and ladder mechanisms to manipulate stock prices. Specifically, many of the retail investors going long on AMC or even MVIS are looking at a practice called “naked shorting” that is technically illegal but allegedly rife within the trading floors of the American market.


If you’re interested in one of the biggest fundamental conflicts in today’s markets, check out stocks like MicroVision as well as AMC and GME to understand how short activity and long-term buy-and-hold activity are duking it out on a pretty expensive backdrop, and keep an eye on MVIS for more news of its products and services gaining relevance in tomorrow’s markets.