New Training Course Shows Beginners the Ropes on Cryptocurrency


As current investors look for Bitcoin to break out of its present stasis around the $6,500 level, some entrepreneurs are breaking news on a new program to help new investors wade into the world of cryptocurrency training.

An October 2 press release shows financial startup CryptoManiaks offering a new course entitled “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide on How to Invest in Cryptocurrency.”

The course will come with a money-back guarantee to give investors peace of mind, and features three distinct modules for what founders are calling a “step-by-step guide” for Bitcoin or crypto beginners.

“It opens the door to a lot more opportunities,” a CryptoManiacks representative says in a short introductory video, discussing how students, retirees and others want to get involved in what the company feels is currently “the best performing asset class in the market.”

Citing new business and government collaborations around cryptocurrency models, CryptoManiaks executives present the new course, which debuted October 1, as a way to help investors start out in cryptocurrency trading “without effort, and without frustration.”

The course, they say, will teach participants to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, how to trade these against other cryptocurrencies, and how to store them correctly.

Although CryptoManiaks has only been around since 2017, founder Mendel Benoit cites 25 years of cryptocurrency expertise and background in traditional finance, as well as data analytics. Combining all three of these disciplines helps to converge a knowledge base for working with new cryptocurrencies which are so widely regarded by the rank and file as dangerous “fiat” money. In reality, there’s a lot of debate as to whether cryptocurrencies may actually be more substantial than national paper currencies which are backed by individual state governments, and historically vulnerable to certain kinds of volatility (hint: inflation).

As for available training, the new CryptoManiaks course is not the only option: for example, there are course offerings known as Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs, a new educational model that became massively popular a few years ago, from places like Class Central, and Udemy and Coursera also have their own catalogs. But small, independent training courses may just be what some investors want.

“The course is the culmination of all of our applied knowledge through experience and research,” Benoit says in the Oct. 2 press release statement. “It’s a course designed for beginners by professionals, especially for those that (sic) are technologically challenged. If you can check your email, you can invest in digital currency safely, responsibly and successfully.”

What do these types of new projects have to do with cryptocurrency stocks?

Offerings like these are indicators that there is a demand for entry-level cryptocurrency speculation training.

Along with other higher-level happenings around the adoption of cryptocurrency models, program developments like these are harbingers of a future where cryptocurrency continues to play an ever larger role – and that’s what a lot of Bitcoin and Ethereum investors are betting on.