Netflix Looking To Offer A Cheaper Subscription Plan


Netflix announced that they are thinking about a cheaper subscription plan for its media streaming service.

This subscription plan is being tested out in Malaysia and is offering video streaming on mobile devices for about $4 per month.

The only difference in this cheaper subscription plan is you can only stream on mobile devices or tablets. These subscribers will still have access to the same TV shows and movies as other subscribers. This is great news for those who only stream on their phones or tablets already.

Currently, Netflix offers monthly subscriptions worldwide for about $8-$10 a month depending on which plan you choose. This deal is a little more pricey than other streaming services, but allows users to stream on whichever devices support the service like laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and tablets. The company launched the mobile-only service in Malaysia to test whether or not consumers of the streaming service would be interested in a mobile-only streaming plan.

It is an opportunity for Netflix, which has about 137 million subscribers currently, to expand in the international market and compete against cheaper streaming services. A lot of people only own a tablet or phone and are interested in streaming videos but can’t afford the $8-$10 plan on top of expensive data plans and phones.

The mobile program is also a great option for non-driving commuters who are looking for ways to catch up on their favorite shows and stay entertained during long commutes and may attract a more on the go crowd, which describes a lot of individuals in Asia, where Netflix is trying to expand.

Notably, Japan is the target of Netflix’s possible mobile subscription plan where the majority of individuals commute on public transportation in major cities. Netflix also announced it will be releasing new originally series and several movies for Netflix India and other Asian countries.

If their mobile subscription plan is well-received, we may see Netflix become a little bit more like YouTube by becoming a short-video streaming platform, but only time will tell which direction the company heads.