TRON Promotes Brand New Decentralized Exchange: Sun Cries “BULL!”

tron cryptocurrency

A major coin offering and the decentralized Internet company behind it are announcing a brand-new decentralized crypto exchange that went live this week.

For fans of Tron, a cutting-edge business entity with a neat history, it’s interesting news – the exchange will offer various TRX trades, including trades with dice money, which is billed as a “social finance” holding. 

With that in mind, weighty pairings like Tron/Ethereum will potentially come later.

It’s important to note that this new decentralized exchange appearing online has not buttressed Tron’s price – with TRX still down considerably along with most of the crypto market. But it’s kind of a long-term play:

The Tron community can be lauded for always being on top of things and never missing a development when it comes to their favorite project. Wrote John Njui at Ethereum World News Nov. 10, crediting “the community” with the first discovery of the decentralized exchange on TronScan.

“Many believe that decentralized enxchanges are the future of crypto trading, and the logical next step on the road of reaching full decentralization,” added Ali Raza at CryptoPotato yesterday. “While they have their flaws, mostly related to speed, they tend to be much safer because they run on blockchain technology and the funds are not held by one institution … While reaching full decentralization is a goal of many, DEXes are still somewhat rare and underdeveloped. It is because of this that TRON’s new achievement is praiseworthy, as Justin Sun and his team successfully made another move on their quest to decentralize the web.”

With all of that in play, Sun himself is crowing about the achievements, in the context of ongoing bumps in the road for Bitcoin values and other coins. While Bitcoin has lost over 10% this week, and other coins have also devalued, Sun contends that Tron is “hungry for new projects and tokens.”

“Bear market for crypto,” Sun tweeted yesterday. “BULL market from Tron!”

If brevity is the heart of confidence, this was one of the first salvos of a battle over Tron’s place in the crypto world. And if you’re looking for some kind of new play to buck the bearish crypto trend, maybe Tron is “the one.”

Let’s look at chart history: at under two cents, TRX is under many of its “moving averages” – although if you look back a few months, you see comparative lows. Is it buying on a dip? It is if the new decentralized exchange and other projects push TRX momentum in any way.

Although you can’t really look year-over-year, last year this time, TRX was ready for its initial spike – and to be fair, “ICO” summits like these are pretty common. The question is whether TRX will grow in a stable way along with the well-laid plans of its leadership  – or somehow tank in a market that is, for the now, under siege.